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Marvel’s What If Episode 6: Andy Serkis Confirms His Return As Black Panther Villain

Marvel's What If Episode 6
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Marvel’s What If Episode 6 Updates: In the new Disney+ series What If…?, Andy Serkis will reprise his role as Black Panther villain Ulysses Klaue in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The animated series, which is based on the Marvel anthology comic of the same name, will examine some of the MCU’s most memorable moments in a new light.

Peggy Carter accepting the super soldier serum and becoming Captain Carter, as well as former Black Panther T’Challa becoming Guardians of the Galaxy commander Star-Lord, are two of the most prominent What If…? scenarios shown thus far.

Serkis first appeared as Klaue in 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron as a minor role before starring as one of the main antagonists in Black Panther. Hayley Atwell, Chadwick Boseman, Michael Douglas, Karen Gillan, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Michael B. Jordan, and Samuel L. Jackson are among the MCU’s returning actors in What If…?

With less than a month until the series premieres on Disney+, the cast of What If…? has increased in an exciting way for fans of the show.

Serkis announced his comeback as Klaue on Instagram shortly after the first teaser and poster for What If…? were released. Serkis joins Chadwick Boseman in his last performance as T’Challa as the latest Black Panther actor to confirm his return for the animated series.

All About Marvel’s What If Episode 6

Marvel's What If Episode 6

Serkis has established himself as one of the more popular villains for the wider world after just two appearances in the MCU. This is owing to the writing for Black Panther by Joe Robert Cole and Ryan Coogler, as well as the performance of the Lord of the Rings alum himself.

Many felt that Klaue’s murder at the hands of Killmonger had effectively put an end to Serkis’s comeback. Having the man himself announce that he would reprise his role as Klaue for the animated series is likely to pique the interest of those who aren’t already eager about What If…?

The question now is the narrative path What If…? author A.C. Bradley will take to reintroduce Serkis’ Klaue. There are fascinating alternatives for Klaue’s tale in the series, with Jordan’s Killmonger confirmed to become King of Wakanda at some point in the storey as well as murdering Ultron himself.

When Marvel’s What If…? premieres on August 11, fans will find out what Serkis’ comeback means.

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