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Jessica Simpson gets emotional on her daughter’s first day of preschool

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson Updates: Singer Jessica Simpson, who is 41 years old on Wednesday sharing a sweet family picture with her husband Eric Johnson and her baby to Instagram while recounting the hilarious story of how Birdie made her preschool debut happen, revealed that her daughter, Birdie who is 2 years old was off to her preschool and to her, all this seems unbelievably true as Birdie is the youngest daughter and she is getting old enough to start on with schooling.

Simpson took to social media to caption the picture which read as: Little Miss Birdie is the BOSS;” the post revealed how Birdie is all set to go to her school with her new bag. The post further shows us with Birdie saying how she wants to go to school immediately and she wants to be with her teacher.

Despite her family trying to tell her to wait for some time before the classes start she just cannot stop her emotions from starting her journey from preschool. “She says ‘I, not a baby, I go to school now,'” the Dukes of Hazzard star continued. “We say ‘Well you are our baby’ She says ‘No yous are my babies, let’s go’ and off we went sprinting to catch up.”

What Jessica Simpson Shared?

Jessica Simpson

Simpson said it’s a very happy but emotional experience for her as Birdie heads off to her preschool. Simpson also has a son, Ace who is 8 years old and an elder daughter Maxwell who is 9 years old went to their preschool post the pandemic.

Taking to social media, Simpson shared a picture with the caption: “After a year and a half, these HAPPY kiddos are BACK TO SCHOOL!!!!! New school. New beginnings. This fam is feeling very blessed.”

Simpson in the past revealed how she learned to do multitasking whilst working at home and making sure the kids were completing their Zoom classes. She also said: “I have also learned just about every project with tie-dye and slime [and] every sport you can play in a backyard, and I have memorized what every single cul-de-sac in my neighborhood looks like.”

She added on to say how the kids are flexible and strong; more than the credit that anyone actually gives them. Simpson said in the hard times, it’s the faces of these kids that bring on peace at heart and mind.