Penthouse Season 4: Confirmed or Not? When could we get a Release Date?

Penthouse Season 4 Updates: Penthouse is a Korean drama, we know these days Korean drama is the most loved, and most preferred series. They have obtained a lot of love from all parts of the world. Now the admirers are very much waiting for season 4 of Penthouse.

There are a few dramas that become a part of our daily lives and we get habituated to it. It became a daily routine for us. Penthouse is one of them. We have been watching Penthouse for the past 3 months and it is a part of our daily routine now.

The Initial season of Penthouse was aired on the 26th of October 2020. It was titled Penthouse: War in Life.

The series is going to get aired within a few days.

Is the Penthouse Season 4 has Resumed?

The Seoul Broadcasting System did not resume the fourth season of Penthouse actually. In the nine weeks one after the other, in South Korea, Penthouse was the most popular and the most famous series streaming. Actually, Penthouse is recognized as the most preferred and most-watched, and most considered Korean-drama this year. On an average 17.045% of the entire world, spectators are watching Penthouse.

There were little gossips about the series to be aired on the 13th of February, but the makers and the Seoul Broadcasting System had marked all those rumors wrong and said that they did not reveal any air date.

Cast Info of Season 4

Penthouse Season 4 Cast

As we know that Seoul Broadcasting System has declared that there is no Penthouse Season 4 going to be present and made sure to mark each and every gossip so that admirers would not await. It also declared that they would inform if there going to be a fourth series.

The Cast 

Penthouse: War in Life

  • Lee-Ji-ah
  • Kim So-Yeon
  • Eugene
  • Ki-Joon
  • Yoon Jong-hoon
  • Park Eun-Seok

These are the cast that we actually, expect from season 3, whenever the Seoul Broadcasting System post the update we would post as shortly as we can.

Let us hope to wait and to watch the Penthouse season 4 shortly. However, there is no legal information given.

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