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Yellowstone Season 4: Who Killed and Who Died in the Season 3 Finale?

Yellowstone Season 4 Details

Yellowstone Season 4 Updates: The events of Yellowstone’s third season finale were foreshadowed; the buzzards were bound to appear. Fans, on the other hand, are split. There are several theories to consider. The series itself makes a strong case for John Dutton. Following Tate’s kidnapping in season 2 and subsequent night terrors, John sits down with the youngster and discusses his own recurrent nightmare with him.

Yellowstone Season 4: Who Died in the Season 3 Finale?

Then, in the season 3 finale, the wish comes true when John stops to rescue a mother and her kid on the side of the road. When a vehicle drives up, shoots John, and then yeats, he’s ready to finish changing a tire. John isn’t the only one who has been attacked. Beth’s workplace receives a bomb in the mail. Men knock down the door while Kayce is on the phone with Monica, and he gets smacked in his.

Rip stops to euthanize an ailing horse before spotting buzzards hovering farther up the road, maybe a foreshadowing of the season’s end. These incidents all happen at the same time, leading viewers to wonder who tried to take the entire Dutton family to the train station.

Who died in Season 3?

Yellowstone Season 4 plot

Some fans believe that at least one of the three assaulted Duttons will be killed off by creator Taylor Sheridan. Kevin Costner’s enigmatic interviews are mostly to blame. There are arguments to be made for each of the Duttons, though they aren’t very compelling; John, Kayce, and Beth are the show’s lifeblood in Yellowstone Season 4.

John is as tough as a Montana Big Pine when it comes to plotting. He and Beth have unfinished business with Roarke as well. One may picture Beth dying or being hospitalized in order to end John’s semi-relaxing retirement. Furthermore, Beth’s death might unleash a flood of violence if it breaks Rip’s orphan heart, given their way-too-happy-for-prestige-drama connection.

Death, on the other hand, frequently befalls those closest to the Duttons. Monica may be in trouble as a result of this observation. Monica may not have escaped the season 3 finale unharmed, according to some fans. When taking Kayce’s call, several people detected an explosion sound coming from her end rather than Kayce’s. Monica could be in greater trouble than everyone imagined. Maybe she’s the Dutton that passed away.