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Kelly Ripa Drools Over Sweaty Throwback Photo of Husband Mark Consuelos

Kelly Ripa
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Kelly Ripa Updates: Kelly Ripa caused a sensation on Instagram. To commemorate the host of Live With Kelly on Thursday this week, Ryan shared an exciting photo of her husband’s past on social media. Mark Consuelos came from last summer, and it’s no surprise that his silence made fans crazy.

Against the backdrop of the heat, a sweaty Riverdale actor wore a sleeveless shirt and navy blue shorts, showing off his chiseled arms and abs. Ripa signed the message: “[tbt] The air conditioner stopped working a year ago, and so did [Mark Consuelos].

Just in Ripa, she shared another naughty photo of her husband in a swimsuit and everyone was watching her a week later ‘S post highlights the comment section, and Lisa Rinna joked, “Thank God, you and MC are doing your work…

The five alumni of the party, Scott Wolf, jokingly asked Consuelos “Is it possible to dub? Rachel Harris commented, “God, woman” next to the fire emoji.

Kelly Ripa Sweaty Throwback Photo

Kelly Ripa

It is worth noting that the couple’s 20-year-old daughter, Lola, disappeared in the comments on these two posts, and She is not afraid to talk about her aversion to her mother’s thirsty photos. In February 2020, a New York University student joked that her parents were “absolutely disgusting.”

Later that year, she told people that Consuelos was about The photo of her mother’s “Thirst Trap” was “disgusting” and joked, “I figured it out of my mind.

However, not all children of the couple feel the same way. In the performance of living with Kelly and Ryan, Ripa’s co-host Ryan Seacrest asked Ripas With Conzuelos‘ 24-year-old eldest son Michael, his views on swimming pool photography. My sister, Michael calmed down a bit and said to Seacrest: “I don’t think it matters.

After meeting on the set of “All My Children” in 1995, Ripa and Consuelos fled to Bell Church in Las Vegas on May 1, 1996, and then in 1997, 2001, and 2003. Ushered in their three children. The couple celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in May last year when Ripa celebrated their wedding date by getting a “5/1/96” tattoo on the inside of the elbow.