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David Harbour says wife Lily Allen had ‘mixed feelings’ about Black Widow weight loss

David Harbour
The Independent

David Harbour Updates: David Harbour revealed that his wife of one year Lily Allen had mixed feelings about his weight loss for his character in Black Widow. He said that Allen fell for him at his physical worst.

Harbour stars in the latest Marvel movie Black Widow. He plays a Russian super soldier and father to Scarlett Johansson’s Natasha Romanov aka. Black Widow. Harbour had to lose weight over the course of the filming as the beginning of the film sees him balding and rotund due to years in prison.

The Stranger Things actor revealed that he first went on a date with Allen when he was out of shape for the role and slowly lost his weight over the course of filming. Therefore, in the initial days of his relationship with Allen, he was out of shape.

What David Harbour Shared in an Interview?

David Harbour

In an interview with The New York Times, Harbour said that it is a true testament to his charisma that he met his wife when he weighed 280 pounds with a shaggy beard and balding head. He revealed that they went on their first date at the Wolseley in London and she fell for him at his physical worst.

Harbour revealed that when he started working out and losing weight, Allen had some mixed feelings about it. Harbour added that it is a good place to be in a relationship, starting the relationship at one’s physical worst rather than looking your best at first and slowly degenerating over the years.

Harbour and Allen got married in 2020, at a chapel in Las Vegas. Harbour had recently revealed that being a stepfather to Allen’s children has changed his life. Harbour also revealed that he adopted a cat in order to deal with his alcoholism.