Yellowstone Season 4: Why Wasn’t It On Tonight?

Yellowstone Season 4 Updates: Fans of Yellowstone were expecting Season 4 to premiere another new episode around tonight. It is somewhat confusing why everybody figured it would air, yet that was not the case.

Yellowstone’s new season is not circulating yet. Fans were all over Twitter pondering where it was at. It is found out that you must wait for more time for a new season of Yellowstone on Paramount.

Where Are New Episodes of  Yellowstone Season 4?

At the present time, new episodes of Yellowstone are not circulating. The show premiered last in June of 2020, so fans were quite certain it would be back in June of 2021. New episodes premiere on Sunday night, yet there is nothing new and unique coming from this show presently.

It seems as though the previous dates of the Yellowstone release are the things that are fans figuring it would air tonight. Season 2 began on June 19, 2019, and Season 3 on June 21, 2020. The last two seasons were 10 episodes in length, so you can expect the new season will be something similar like that.

Up until now, there is no release date for Season 4 of Yellowstone. The fans have to still wait for the show are simply must wait and watch when Paramount concludes the time has come to air another new season.

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In November of 2020, they have finished recording the last season of the show. That implies it shouldn’t be any longer before they have the time to prepare it for viewers.

Fans Speak Out On Twitter

Fans on Twitter truly want to know why Yellowstone wasn’t on and when it would be back. Here is something few have to say:

However, I’ve been waiting and holding up this entire year. I’m not mad. I’m simply disappointed. Like, Beth Dutton disappointed. lol, #Yellowstone we LOVE you and you’re absolutely worth waiting for!

I miss #Yellowstone. Where are you guys? When does season 4 is beginning?


Disappointed season 4 of #yellowstone didn’t release today

I thought tonight was the season release of Yellowstone??? What occurred??? #Yellowstone

Wait, so you’re revealing to me the new season of #YellowStone doesn’t begin tonight!?

From the beginning, I thought #Yellowstone was back tonight however it’s not. Smh

Is it true that you all are ready for another new season of Yellowstone? For the present, fans are simply looking out for a release date that has to be revealed for Season 4.

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