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Why Dawn Of The Dead 2 Never Happened

Dawn Of The Dead 2

Dawn Of The Dead 2 Updates: Ana, a Milwaukee nurse, has just gotten off work to snuggle up with her husband on the scorching day of the summer, oblivious to an emergency announcement about a virus that is sweeping the country.

When Ana’s next-door neighbor, a small girl, comes into her bedroom and sinks her fangs into Ana’s husband Louis’s neck, Luis is back on his feet and attempting to bite Ana. Ana drives away in her car, watching in terror as the city transforms into a veritable ‘hell zone, with people feeding on others until she smashes her car.

Assisted by a rough cop Kenneth, Ana, and a group of other people who survived decide to seek refuge at the local Crossroads mall, where they gain knowledge from news reports that the plague is transforming civilians into carnivorous cannibals with an insatiable appetite for human flesh, and that the only way to stop them is to fire a gun them in the head.

The survivors decide to stay at the mall until a rescue team arrives, but difficulties emerge as the infected begin making their way toward the retail center in quest of additional survivors.

Dawn Of The Dead 2 Know Why?

Dawn Of The Dead 2

Thanks to his work on films based on comic books and graphic novels, Zack Snyder has become one of the most divisive directors. Dawn of the Dead was created with the intention of reigniting interest in the zombie genre.

The movie’s finale left the fate of the surviving group members uncertain, but there was no follow-up. Although Snyder has not said why a sequel would not be made, it is likely due to his hectic schedule.

In 2021, Snyder has returned to the zombie genre with Army of the Dead, a zombie heist film about a group of mercenaries who band together to break into a zombie-infested restricted zone in order to acquire millions of dollars stashed in a vault, all before the city is nuked by the government in 32 hours.

It’s very improbable that a sequel to Dawn of the Dead will be made, given how long it’s been since the original film was released. This does not rule out the possibility of additional zombie films from Zack Snyder, since a prequel film named Army of Thieves and an animated series titled Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas has already been announced on Netflix.

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