Elite Season 4: Release Date and How Cayetana began to tell lies in the Netflix series

Elite Season 4 Updates: After consuming hallucinogenic mushrooms, Cayetana confesses how she began to invent a false life.
Before the premiere of the fourth season of “Elite,” Netflix shared short stories of its characters. One of them involves Rebeka, Cayetana, and Guzmán at a small party that ends with the three of them arguing about how to confront the men who try to enter the house.

The seemingly boring party takes an interesting turn when the three friends eat pancakes containing magic mushrooms. While Guzmán complains that Nadia does not answer his messages, Rebeka asks Cayetana how her mythomania began.

Elite Season 4: How Cayetana began to tell lies?

“I made up my mother had died to get rid of an exam …”, said the character played by Georgina Amorós. “I showed them a doctored photo and everything. I was so moved that the whole class ended up crying. ”

In order not to be discovered, she convinced her mother to change her school. “I was super convincing with her. I saw that I was so good at it that I went on and on… It was like a super power. There came a day when I felt more like myself when I was lying. That the one I had invented was more me than the real one, “he added.


In an interview that Netflix shared in Youtube, the creators of “Elite”, Carlos Montero and Darío Madrona, revealed some details about the construction of Cayetana’s character. They said they were inspired by the story of a young woman from New York named Anna Delvey, who pretended to “high society” to be a millionaire German heiress.

“I lived in a super rich hotel and lived by pretending that I was rich when in reality I was not (…) Of that thing that is always a forward flight, always, in which you can only end badly, they can only end up catching you , but still you do it because you need to feel like someone ”, commented one of the creators.

Like Cayetana, Anna Delvey, who was actually named Anna Sorokin, was discovered and sentenced to 12 years in prison for stealing around € 300,000 from banks, celebrities and luxury hotels. “This girl suddenly walked into a hotel where she lived and such. She was an important, famous, loved person… and then she ended up in jail ”, they added.

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