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Brad Pitt’s Bullet Train will be released in April 2022!

Brad Pitt's Bullet Train

Brad Pitt’s Bullet Train will be in an action movie in April 2022. The name of it? Bullet Train. And it promises to be really epic! We tell you more.

That’s it, the shooting of Bullet Train, a film starring Brad Pitt has just ended. And we finally know when it hits theaters. We will have to wait a bit because the film will not be released until next April. We tell you more in this article.


Brad Pitt returns with a new action flick. And once again it will be very impressive. Already, the man of more than 50 years performs his own stunts in this film! A feat that we do not talk about very much. But in addition, the scenario makes you want.

And it promises to be very exciting. Here, the actor will lead a group of assassins on a train in Tokyo. It will be almost a closed door. On the journey between Tokyo and Kyoto, the assassins must kill each other. They will gradually realize that everyone has a target on their heads.

It will therefore be necessary to understand why their heads are put at a price. At the moment, we do not know more about the scenario. Very little information has been leaked at the moment. What we know is the distribution. And it promises to be simply grandiose.

Alongside Brad Pitt, we will therefore find Lady Gaga but also Bad Bunny for example. We do not yet know their roles in the film but we will find out soon. Bullet Train is an action movie, so there will be some brawls!

Bullet Train by Brad Pitt

In all, they will therefore be 5 killers aboard the same train. They will gradually discover that their mission has something in common. But we will have to wait for the trailer to find out more. And for that, we will have to wait.


If you didn’t know, Brad Pitt loves to do it all. He then decides to do his own stunts in Bullet Train. For this, a fairly strict training had to be followed for months. But the result is likely to be simply sumptuous!

And a funny little anecdote, the director of the film was the actor’s stunt double in other films. So, once again, the two men work together but not in the same way. And that is quite moving when you think about it.

Brad Pitt shows here that even at over 50 he remains one of the best actors in this world. And this title, he is not ready to let go. In addition, given the distribution of this film, we expect here a real masterpiece. But we will still have to wait.

Because the film will not be released before April 2022. Almost a year separates us from its release. It must be said that there must be a lot of editing work for this action film. We hope to soon be able to see a trailer to make us want to see more.

In short, with the reopening of cinemas, we can not wait to be able to watch good films. So, strongly April 2022.

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