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Eden Season 1: Official Release Date, Trailer, Cast and Latest Updates!


Eden Season 1 Updates: Eden is a dystopian science fiction anime series, which has been created and produced by Justin Leach and is directed by Yasuhiro Irie. The series is based on the concept by Christophe Ferreira. It has followed up a city thousand years in the future and showed their discovery of a human girl in what they believed to be a robot-only time.

What is the show all about?

A human girl who has been secretly raised by the robots starts to uncover the dark secrets behind her lush, utopian world where humanity has all but have vanished.

Eden has imagined a world in the future where all humanity has vanished. It is a lush utopian world that is been supported by beautiful colors and heartful animation and has made it a must to see anime series this year. 

And in this world which has zero humans, robots have been created to protect and preserve the environment. A couple of robots have become stunned for finding a young baby girl, who has likely quickly become accustomed to, taking the assumed spot of parenthood.

Den of Geek

The series has mellows the viewers rather than quickly, showing an intrinsic relationship between the robots and a child in mesmerizing nature.

The child is named Sara, and we have soon learned that this world would have held many of the cryogenic pods where the humans sleep. They have put themselves under for waiting for a new world which is called Eden.

In the space of four appreciated chapters, Eden of Netflix has sent a salient message about our planet. It has hit home that though as a human race, the one factor which is killing the environment is us.

The anime series has managed to create a sweet story by highlighting the problem of humans and robots while softly connecting it to the subject of a heavily polluted and inhabitable world. Eden always feels like a realistic imagining of the possible by pulling at the heartstrings of the viewer and forcing them to think.

Official Release Date of Season 1 of Eden

The wait has been finally over! Now here is good news for all of us that the  Season 1 is going to premier on 27 May 2021 only on Netflix.


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