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Sailor Moon Eternal — The Movie – Review

Sailor Moon Eternal

Sailor Moon Eternal Updates: It’s difficult to exaggerate Sailor Moon’s influence. The iconic magical girl manga by Naoko Takeuchi and the anime series it spawned influenced generations of watchers and producers.

The classic anime has impacted everything from Steven Universe to Teen Titans Go, Adventure Time to Craig of the Creek, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, and even South Park. Sailor Moon has two new films premiering on Netflix, some 30 years after the original series launched in Japan.

The streamer is delivering the newest additions to the Sailor Moon canon to American shores significantly sooner than expected, having been released in Japanese theatres earlier this year. And it was well worth the (admittedly brief) wait.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal works both a fourth season of the popular reinterpretation as well as a stand-alone pair of movies that recreate the renowned Dream arc of the original manga, picking up where the previous remake Sailor Moon Crystal left off.

This is a must-see for anime enthusiasts, animation aficionados, and anybody who appreciates dreamy pastel-hued adventures, thanks to superb animation that manages to mix the graphic style of Takeuchi’s original manga with the popular ’90s cartoon.

Sailor Moon Eternal Review

Sailor Moon Eternal
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The story follows Usagi Tsukino, a young girl who obtains the ability to turn into the eponymous hero. Her mission is to help her fellow Sailor Guardians preserve the world from evil forces.

The transformation sequences in which the adolescent ladies morph into their superpowered alter egos are the most memorable parts of the series. The English dub for the repeats from the 1990s was funny.

This is the essence of what makes Sailor Moon so unique. There’s a beautiful message about friendship, unity, and devotion in this film, but it’s all wrapped up in technicolor action.

It may be difficult for newcomers to keep up with the mythology and character interactions. It’s possible that diehard fans will find this a touch too rushed. The outside Guardians all gleam in their sapphic splendor, and the styles are, of course, to die for.

“Sailor Moon: Dream arc” is based on Shueichiro Takeuchi’s popular Japanese comic novels, which he also wrote. The series is presently airing on Cartoon Network and will premiere on December 14th.

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