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watchOS 8: Everything New On The Apple Watch Announced At WWDC 2021

watchOS 8

watchOS 8 Updates: In the keynote speech at WWDC 2021, Apple demonstrated watchOS 8. Apple Watch is light years ahead of any other smartwatch on the market, and watchOS 8 has even greater advantages. Compared with Wear OS, Tizen, Fitbit, or any other smartwatch operating system, watchOS is unmatched.

This seems too flattering for Apple, but it is true. The interface is holistic, easy to navigate, and backed up. Thanks to the excellent developer support and many new features are updated every year. In watchOS 7 in 2020, Apple added sleep tracking, new exercises, hand washing detection, improved childcare, and more.

It’s 2021, and about a year after watchOS 7 was launched, Apple removed the wrapper from watchOS 8. Although it is still a lot of watchOS without any major UI changes, Apple has managed to provide the entire operating system.

There is only one new dial this year, but it is also one of the most impressive dials Apple has ever made. Add portrait photos to Apple Watch. Using the data in these photos to identify the subject in the background, the face of the portrait creates a layered effect that shows the time behind the subject of the photo.

At first glance, this is a very subtle touch, but the end result is amazing. Similarly, Apple has updated the Photos application, improved collection browsing, easier sharing, and the ability to view reminders on Apple Watch.

watchOS 8 Reminders on Apple Watch

 watchOS 8

Another major change is that the Breathe app has been replaced by a new app called Mindfulness. Guided breathing lessons are still available, but they are now enhanced with improved visualizations and prompts to help you focus, center, and connect.”

Apple also added a Reflect option to “indicate conscious concentration.” Reflective meetings can only last for one minute, and each meeting has a “unique and well-thought-out concept”. The Home app is now like a small control panel, not just a display, the vertical list of controls is for each user’s home.

There are three shortcuts on it for smart home control, switching automation, and the ability of users using HomePods to use the walkie-talkie. Another new feature is the camera connected directly from HomeKit on the Apple Watch to view the real-time feeds.

This may not be the overhaul that some Apple Watch users expect, but as an iterative update of an apparently effective formula, watchOS 8 seems to be a reliable package. The public beta will be launched in July, followed by rolling updates for everyone at the end of autumn.

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