My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 11 Reveals One For All Successors

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 11

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 11 Updates: Last week’s cliffhanger points to a clash between Deku and Shinso in “My Hero Academia” Season 5, Episode 11. (Episode 99). Deku, on the other hand, is still concerned about deploying his Black Whip Quirk, which went awry in the last episode.

Shinso and Deku engage in a close battle in the promo trailer for “My Hero Academia” Season 5, 11th Episode. Deku understands that using his One For All Quirk during the combined training combat is too hazardous. He doesn’t want to injure anyone since his Black Whip is acting erratically again.

Deku, on the other hand, wants Class A to win the fifth round and, finally, the tournament. Aside from Deku, Shinso, and Monoma believe they must improve their performance and win the fifth fight.

To win the competition, Class A’s squad must tie or win the final round, whilst Class B has no chance after losing the fourth round to Bakugo and his squad.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 11 Shinso & Deku’s Battle

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 11

Deku and Shinso battle again as things deteriorate and the contest becomes more violent. Can Shinso utilize his brainwashing method on Deku to derail Class A’s match? According to Comicbook, after the fifth match, “My Hero Academia” Season 5 will launch a new arc named My Villain Academia.

According to Crunchyroll, the synopsis for Episode 10 reads, “Midoriya and Shinso square off for the first time since the sports festival in the last bout of the class wars.” Daiki Yamashita plays Izuku Midoriya, Nobuhiko Okamoto plays Katsuki Bakugou, Yuuki Kaji plays Shoto Todoroki, Daichi End plays Twice, Aoi Yki plays Tsuyu Asui, Eri Kitamura plays Mina Ashido, Hiro Shimono plays Dabi, Hiroshi Kamiya plays Kojiro Bondo, Hiroyuke.

“My Hero Academia” Season 5, 11th Episode (Episode 99) can be viewed online on Crunchyroll and Funimation. Saturday, the program will be streamed live in Japanese with English subtitles.

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