Castlevania Season 5: Release Date, Netflix Renewal Status, Characters, Plot, and Storyline

Castlevania Season 5 Updates: Many animes are adapted into video games but this anime is opposite. Castlevania got an adapted from a video game series of Japan by Konami. Castlevania was one of the most impressive games and now it is has ruled the hearts of anime fans. It constitutes horror, drama, adventure, dark fantasy, and adventure.

The developer Adi Shankar provided a helping hand to Warren Ellis and created the animation. Sam Deats, Spencer Wan, and Adam Deats were on the director’s point. The way Castlevania is portrayed it dignified every character and made it appealing.

Netflix hasn’t announced anything about Castlevania Season 5. When the first season first came out it was a instant hit with the fans and critics. All the seasons garnered positive reviews. Castlevania Season 4 came on 5th March 2020 on Netflix.

The show has an IMDb rating of 8.2 out of 10. Castlevania has made its place in one of the most successful original animated series. If work on anime is underway we can expect the fifth installment by the year 2022.

Castlevania Season 5 Characters and Voice Cast:

Netflix has not released any information and not been open or considerate to guess the cast and characters for the new season.

Trevor Belmont- Richard Armitage

Sypha Balnades  – Alejandra Reynoso

There is a chance that Dracula’s son will comeback

Adrian Tepes aka Alucard – James Callis.

The premise of the fifth season of Castlevania can be Sypha and Belmont’s duo working as a team. They would bring back the lost vampire, Vlad Dracula Tepes to life.  Fifth season can primarily focus on Alucard. He will struggle to settle in human life. The fifth season would comprise of a lot of horror and adventure

The series inititate with vampire losing his wife as he is false accused. The vampire that is the Dracula swears that he would make people that are from Wallachia pay and would destroy them and avenge his loss.

He gather an army of demons but and start to destroy the place creating chaos. Trevor Belmont rise and save the people from demons and Dracula chaos.

Trevor is aided by Sypha and Alucard for saving the ending of fourth season we see Wallachia is left in chaos. Dracula is no more. Trevor and Sypha are now trying to resurrect the vampire.




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