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Mare of Easttown Season 2: 5 Crime Shows For Fans of the Hit HBO Show

Mare of Easttown Episode 5 Release Date

Mare of Easttown Season 2 Updates: HBO’s most current hit show has been the crime drama Mare of Easttown which features Kate Winslet and Evan Peters. What makes this series stand apart rather than other crime that shows both the dark and lighthearted side of its setting.

Creator Brad Ingelsby plants his show into the Chester and Delaware country areas close to Philadelphia where he was conceived and grew up, making a unique however relatable environment.

Despite the fact that Mare shows a area of the country that hasn’t been exposed much on television, it wasn’t the first show to occur in a small town and cast a detective as interesting as the nominal character Mare Sheehan.

Here are a couple of shows which is filled with motivation for Mare of Easttown, including a couple HBO series that prepared for its creation.

Let’s Have a Look: Mare of Easttown Season 2

Mare of Easttown Episode 5 Release Date

True Detective

True Detective hasn’t arrived at same heights as its first season in 2014, it still has a powerful influence for shows shows and even films. With Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson ready, two actors known for movies around then, at that point there was a major buzz when the series debuted.

The initial season blew away those expectations on account of McConaughey’s incredible presentation as detective Rust Cohle in various phases of his life, alongside his incredible chemistry with Harrelson’s detective Martin Hart.

The plot season’s plot conveys that the two Louisiana detectives both as partners during the ’90s and present day researching a strange murderous cult. The anothology series made a significant stride back with a rushed second season the next year, however bounced back in 2019 with a strong third season featuring Mahershala Ali and Stephen Dorff.

The Night Of

HBO’s The Night Of picked up where True Detective left off pushing the envelope for the crime genre in 2016. This eight-part series, including Rogue One: A Star Wars Story star Riz Ahmed and John Turturro, is really an American variation of the 2008 British series Criminal Justice.

Ahmed plays a Pakistani-American college student named as Nasir Khan who meets a woman one night and parties with her. The following day she’s found stabbed to death and Khan is accused of her murder. Like Mare of Easttown, The Night Of kept fans speculating about what truly occurred on that fateful night as far as possible until its stunning end.

Happy Valley

Sergeant Catherine Cawood showed in BBC show that it was her beat, while Mate Sheehan had a difficult life on Mare of Easttown. She introduces herself as a drunk suicidal young man saying that she is Catherine, of 47 and divorced to the audiences.

She lives with her sister who is also a recovering heroin addict. She also has to children-one is dead and who doesn’t speak to her and a grandson.

Hence,the title of the series is iconic as there is a bit happiness about the area which is drug filled in Yorkshire Valley. The detective also has to deal with a kidnapping which leads to a series of horrible crimes,as she starts dealing with her personal demons.


Broadchurch highlights a couple of previous and future Doctor Who casts in David Tennant, Arthur Darvill and Jodie Whittaker, alongside future Oscar winner and The Crown casts Olivia Coleman.

In the first two seasons, Coleman and Tennant’s characters research the shocking death of a 11-year-old kid named as Danny Latimer that destroys the nominal small town apart. As the detectives investigates for suspects, they reveal dark secret insights about this apparently harmless town and its citizens that includes that of Danny’s own family.

Besides their uncovered flaws, each character in Broadchurch is relatable and intriguing as they face unfathomable grief.An American rendition of the BBC show was made in 2014 called Gracepoint which featured Tennant, yet the first series is superior and driven to two ensuing seasons dealing the case’s aftermath.

Twin Peaks

The television crime genre over the course of recent years would have looked totally changed, without Twin Peaks. Motivated by his exemplary ’80s film Blue Velvet, David Lynch made Twin Peaks in 1990 that tells about the murder of famous high school student named Laura Palmer in the small , nominal Washington state town.

Lynch brings back Blue Velvet star Kyle MacLachlan to cast as FBI detective and coffee and pie lover Dale Cooper to explore the case.

What follows is more than the small town secret the series sets the format for, yet a strange and bizzare adventure that Lynch got popular for. It works out as a sensational drama and the following are some of the most grasping television shots of the ’90s.

Twin Peaks motivated a 1992 film named Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me followed by a revival season in 2017. As fascinating crime dramas keep on being made and developed consistently, they all have a little piece of Twin Peaks in them.

Mare of Easttown Season 2 Release Date

Featuring Kate Winslet, Julianne Nicholson, Angourie Rice, Jean Smart, Evan Peters, Guy Pearce, David Denman, Joe Tippett, Cailee Spaeny, John Douglas Thompson, Patrick Murney, James McArdle, Sosie Bacon and Neal Huff, Mare of Easttown will be airing on Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.