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Outlander Season 6: Co-Stars Talk About Each Other’s Fears

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Outlander Season 6: With the end of season 5, fans all over the world are eagerly waiting for season 6. The filming for the sixth season of outlander has started on 9th February 2021. The shooting is taking place in Scotland. Though season 6 of outlander is still in production, it takes some time to wrap up filming to be presented on TV. Due to the covid pandemic situation, it is taking longer than usual to film a scene for the series than it used to take before as the team has to take precautionary measures against covid-says the director.

Outlander Season 6: Co-Stars Talk About Each Other’s Fears

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It also somewhat sad that the next season of the outlander is going to be its last. Actress California Balfe tells us about the behi8nd the scenes fun that she and her co-star Sam Heughan shared. She tells about the case when live maggots were poured on the leg of Sam Heughans. During the ninth episode of Outlander season 5 named “Monsters and heroes,” Jamie Fraser(played by Sam heightens) is bit by a poisonous snake while hunting. Although the poison is sucked out by his son-in-law, the wound still develops into an infection.

To our luck,time-traveling nurse Claire Fraser(played by Caitriona Balfe) knows just the remedy. For her remedy to work claire demands live maggots. To the star’s surprise they were not props but actual live maggots that were poured on his leg. The star then had to bear the horrifying experience of having live maggots being poured on his leg.

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