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Haunted Season 4: Release Date and Everything We Know

Haunted Season 4 Release Date

Haunted Season 4 Updates: The series ‘Haunted’ first debuted on October 19, 2018, which pulled in a lot of attention, though not so positive. The paranormal series professes to document real-life supernatural episodes that haunt people from around the world. This horror series on Netflix is a collection of episodes that brings to us what is accepted to be the first-person accounts of the fear that highlighted people have survived as they talk about it with their families and loved ones.

Numerous viewers blamed the series for organizing and overstating the incidents since there is scarcely any corresponding proof to support them. Some even expressed that the events in a couple of episodes looked like storylines of famous horror films. Moreover, for anyone who likes a good scare, this factor didn’t appear to a matter at all. Fans must be awaiting to know when they can watch the fourth installment of the show. Thus, we’ve assembled here all the information you need to know.

Haunted Season 4 Netflix Release Date

‘Haunted’ season 3 premiered on May 14, 2021, on Netflix. The third season consists of six episodes that go on for 21-34 minutes each.

Concerning Haunted Season 4, here is something that we know. There is no news about the possible fourth installment presently. The initial first two seasons showed up just in time of Halloween, the third season came in May, which is justifiably an odd time according to the premiere schedule of the series.

This was due to the delay as most schedules and plans in 2020 were disturbed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Taking into account that the third season is as of now behind by seven months, there might be delays for a fourth season too, if Netflix gives it the go-ahead.

Haunted Season 4 Every Details

Since Netflix doesn’t declare a show’s ratings, it is difficult to tell how much the controversy around the series has harmed its odds for continuing beyond season 3. It’s a marker that ‘Haunted’ is doing great in that it has birthed a spin-off series called ‘Haunted: Latin America’ that released on March 31, 2021.

Hence, there is hope for the fourth season. If the Netflix series meets the renewal criteria and is greenlit for another season by July 2021, we can anticipate ‘Haunted’ season 4 to release somewhat in Spring 2022.

Haunted Season 4 Plot: What would it be About?

In the third season, there are six unique stories that ensure to haunt your dreams for a while. One of the episodes is set in Crofton, British Columbia. A family encountering disturbing events after moving to a nineteenth-century home that used to have a place with a mining mogul. Another episode shows the encounters of Alicia’s family and their experience with an evil cat.

In the sixth and last episode of the season, Christian reviews what his father went through. A long time later, a student at Yale, he could feel himself going down a similar way. Like that the fourth season will bring a new series of people who will discuss the horrible encounters in their lives that have scarred them forever.

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