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Upcoming Netflix film Sweet and Sour starring Jang Ki Yong

Sweet and Sour

Sweet and Sour Updates: A love story with a sweet beginning but a bitter end , but the thing which matters the most is that it is going to be on screen within a month.

The shooting of the upcoming Netflix show began in October 2019 and wrapping up in December 2019 but it takes a lot of time to release the movie.

But we don’t have to wait for it anymore as the movie is going to be available on Netflix very soon. A couple of days ago the news of releasing the movie did not seem real. But after the teaser was released the wait was over. The story of the movie shows us how the couple deals with the work life and even manages the relationships and emotions.

The actor Jang Ki Yong is going to play the role of Jang Hyuk. He is a boyfriend who is going to change himself from a charismatic person to a cold-hearted person after the progress in his relationship.

Chase Soo Bin is playing the role of Da Eun , as Jang Hyuk’s girlfriend. She is a nurse by profession. She always gets frustrated with her job and her boyfriend.

Sweet and Sour Teaser

Sweet and Sour
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Krystal Jung is going to play the role of Bo Yeong. She is playing as a woman who is competing with the male lead actor of the film for the corporate position. She has a relationship of love-hate with the male lead character.

After the release of the teaser , the teaser has left the fans in the excitement for the release of the show. The attention was caught by the words “Check your love’s expiration date”. The teaser also revealed that there will be scenes of various humorous situations . the scenes which cover the scene of Jang Ki Yong covering sleeping Krystal With his jacket and deciding not to do it at the last moment.

The film shows the life of Jang Hyuk which is full of sweet and sour moments while deciding between both the women. Same as what the movie name is. The movie is thrilling with who he is going to end up with, which of things are going to change his heart to take adverse decision and the fight with the emotions the characters are going through , all these questions are going to be answered on June 4,2021.

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