Sons of Sam: Arliss Perry Murder, Killer & David Berkowitz Connection

Sons of Sam
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Sons of Sam Updates: The Netflix Docuseries have investigated about the infamous murders “ Son of Sams” , and it suggests that multiple number of people where involved in the murder and are responsible for the crime.

The Son of Sams shoe the connection of David Berkowitc’s with the death of Arliss Perry in 1974. The viewers were in doubt  about Perry’s death in California. Sons of sams identifies the possibility of the involvement in the North Dakota case of Berkowitz’s.

Sons of Sam has shown the efforts of the journalist Maury Terry in the investigation.  After Berkowitz was arrested for several murders in August 1977, the people have started believing that the 24 year old has acted all alone in the murders and is a pure evil.

Maury comes out with the fact that Berkowitz was not involved alone in the case, as his eyewitness does not match with the sketch. After which she finds  John and Michael Carr’s involvement in the case who are supposed to be the suspect’s neighbour.

Sons of Sam: Review

Sons of Sam

The both not only the real son of a man named Sam, but they also had their connection with the devil workshop activity taking place in Untermyer Park near Berkowitz’s home. But the both were never investigated as one of them, John Carr died from a gunshot in Minot, North Dakota in 1978 and Michael Carr died in a car accident in 1979.

Terry also published the conclusion of his investigation in a book in 1988 , The Ultimate Evil. Berkowitz also claimed the involvement of Carr brothers and many other unidentified people in the Son of Sam murders.

The evidence have clearly shown that Berkowitz was not all alone in the murder

The netflix documentary also shows that the obsession of Terry will be going to affect the judgement on the case while analysing her conspiracy theories. Berkowitz has stated many statements on the Son of Sam murders during the case.

Due to his various statements the leading authorities believed that he is narrating stories for manipulating the media.

The investigators also founded the DNA of Stephen Blake Crawford at the murder site, who is the security guard of Perry , the one who only told the police about the body. At last, Crawford was identified as the Perry’s killer through his DNA.

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