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Mare of Easttown: The latest murder mystery on Netflix

Mare of Easttown Release Date

Mare of Easttown, the latest miniseries on HBO, is one to look out for if you love murder mysteries. The show, which premiered on the 18th of April this year already had an IMBD rating of 8.2/10 and a whopping 92% on Rotten Tomatoes.

The show stars Kate Winslet as Mare Sheehan in the lead role as she investigates a local murder. Sheehan’s character is one that demands the emotional attention of the viewers as the divorced mom reels from the suicide of her grown son and her drug-addicted daughter-in-law takes her to court for the custody of Sheehan’s grandson.

Written and developed by American screenwriter Brad Ingelsby, known for his work in American Woman and The Way Back, the drama has a film-like feel to it. In conversation with Black Girl Nerds, Ingelsby talked about how it was quite challenging for him to develop a TV series since he’d only worked with films before.

Ending each episode on a cliffhanger, Ingelsby says the episodic format grew on him. He also mentioned how he liked that the other characters also had time to develop thanks to the 7-hour long screen time.

With the show doing so well and each episode leaving fans wanting for more, we have compiled a list of all the episodes the season would feature.

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Mare of Easttown: All episodes

Mare of Easttown Plot

The series, which premiered on April 18, will have its finale on the 30th of May.

April 18, 2021: Episode 1 — “Miss Lady Hawk Herself”

April 25, 2021: Episode 2 — “Fathers”

May 2, 2021: Episode 3 — “Enter Number Two”

May 9, 2021: Episode 4 — “Poor Sisyphus”

May 16, 2021: Episode 5 — “Illusions”

May 23, 2021: Episode 6 — “Sore Must Be the Storm”

May 30, 2021: Episode 7 — “Sacrament”

Mare of Easttown can be streamed on HBO and HBO Max with new episodes every Sunday.

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