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The Circle Season 2: New Things We Love About

The Circle US Season 2

The Circle Season 2 Updates: The Circle is an American reality competition show which is quite similar to the show, Big Brother. The show has been produced by Studio Lambert and Motion Content Group and was first aired in January 2020 on Netflix.

The show was a great hit as people liked the drama, competition, emotions and everything connected with the show. It has a total of 2 seasons with 25 episodes altogether.

The show has quite an unique concept. The participants are isolated in their apartments and are only able to communicate with each other through a social media like platform,”The Circle”.

The participants can only text each other through the app and they have only this method in their hands to win the hearts of the others and thus be voted as Influencer of the circle. The one who gets this title also gets the power to block any of the other participants and hence eliminating them from the game.

The first season of the show aired from January 1,2020 to January 15,2020. While the second season of the show began airing on April 14,2021.

What do we love about The Circle Season 2?

The Circle US Season 2

There are quite many things that people like about the new season. Here are the top 10 of them:

10.Connection with Season 1

The fans are glad that season 2 still have some connection with the previous season. Mitchell, a man from Pennsylvania had already stated in his introduction that he had come there to make up for the failure of his mom and brother, who competed in season 1 for the winner title. This connection with season 1 allowed the viewers to link both the seasons.

Although he made quite a good impression on both the contestants and the viewers but he was later blocked out by River who recognised that he was a tough competition and a threat for her.

9. Celebrity as Participant.

The second season of the show is totally different from the first. There are quite a number of changes. In the second season, we get to see Chloe from Too Hot to Handle and NYSNC’s Lance Bass as participants. While the previous season had only average people and influencers, there weren’t any celebs. But the addition of celebs to the show has upgraded the level of difficulty of the show as it’ll be difficult to identify the catfish out of all.

8.Shared Profile- Working as a team.

In the first season, Ed and his mother Tammy worked together as a team and shared a profile thus bringing in a fun angle to the game. They both together played the profile of Ed and confused everyone else.

While season 2 took this to a whole new level. Jack and Lisa teamed up to share a common profile, John even though they were complete strangers. They teamed up and created a huge mess among the other players. This section of the season was quite interesting as well as surprising.

7. The great power – Joker

After the vote out of Savannah in her reply to the question , “Who’s the most deserving winner? ” she took Courtney’s name. Which gave him a great advantage, he received the title of Joker and could now contact with new players before anyone else. This not only allowed him to manipulate them but also to influence them to vote him as the Influencer.

6. Cameos

After Lisa was eliminated from the show, she promised to introduce everyone to the real Lance Bass. So it might be possible that he might make an appearance someday. The Netflix connections have helped the show a lot in bringing in famous personalities over the show. The show also brought Jonathan Van Ness from Queer Eye to judge the cosmetology challenge. These cameos not only boost up the morale of the players but also boosts up the popularity of the show.

5. Clashes.

The popularity of the show is mainly due to its dramas and quarrels. This show experiences the highest number of clashes among the participants. Recently, Savannah and Terilisha who seemed to be quite good friends got the title of Influencers and their decisions brought in a long drawn clash among the participants. This incident has divided all the participants almost into two different groups. This has led to backstabbing, alliances, strategy planning and a lot of drama.

4. The challenges

Challenges are an important part of the show. The season of the show has brought in far more creative and entertaining challenges for the contestants. The challenges also prove to be important looking from the view of competition. These challenges also bring in danger with them for the contestants.

The trivia night almost exposed Trevor as the catfish, campaign posters made the group quite suspicious of River and the award show unveiled that Mitchell was on the verge of being blocked.

According to the audience, the most entertaining challenge was the one where the participants had to put makeup over a mannequin to make it look like themselves.

3. Success of Catfish

With the season almost coming to an end, three out of five remaining contestants are catfish. As far as the numbers are concerned, the catfishes seems to have an advantage. But nothing can be stated with confidence already.

The show’s format keeps the participants constantly thinking whether a person is a catfish or not. This doesn’t allow anyone to trust others completely and the one who’s skilled will make his way through easily.

2.Romance in the show.

Another reason that people tune into the show is because of the romance they get to see here. There’s a lot of flirting that goes on around the house and sometimes viewers also get to see some intimate moments too. Recently, Miranda and Joey even kissed each other after she was blocked.

Moreover, with the increasing success ratio of the catfish the season is getting more and more interesting. Emily, the women whom Mitchell called the love of his life came out to be a man named Jack. This left Mitchell completely devastated.

As we are heading towards the finals, we also see Chloe falling for Trevor, who’s actually a catfish too. Delessa has been using her husband’s pictures to set a trap for Chloe.

1. The overall character of the contestants

The show is primarily based on the the overall character and personality of the contestants. After all, the show is all about players chatting with one another and trying to influence them.

Thus, all that matters here are the personalities and character of the contestants. Both the seasons have been filled with adorable, funny and popular contestants who haven’t yet disappointed the viewers.

The show has been able to achieve great success and popularity just within a short duration and is beginning to grow at a rapid rate. With this rate, the third season of the show is bound to come up soon too.