The Innocent Season 2: Will the show renewed? Release Date, Plot Details

The Innocent Season 2 Updates: The Netflix series “The Innocent” is about Mateo Vidal who tries to lead a normal life with his wife Olivia after accidentally killing someone nine years ago. When he receives a reassuring call from Olivia’s cell phone, Mateo sets out to find the truth. He gets caught in a vortex of intrigue and murder. Police commissioner Lorena questions his innocence.

Will there be The Innocent Season 2?

“The Innocent” is a mini-series and is self-contained. You can read about a potential second season of the Netflix thriller with us.

The Innocent: Characters and Cast

Mario Casas takes on the role of Mateo Vidal. Emma is played by Juana Acosta. Teo Aguilar is portrayed by José Coronado. Jaime is played by Gonzalo de Castro and Aníbal is portrayed by Miki Esparbé.

Aura Garrido as Olivia Costa, Martina Gusman as Kimmy Dale, Alexandra Jiménez as Lorena Ortiz, Susi Sánchez as Hermana Irene, Ana Wagener as Sonia and Ty Wells as James can also be seen.

The Innocent: production

The Innocents

“The Innocent” is a Spanish production based on the novel “The Innocent” by Harlan Coben. The series was produced by Belén Atienza, Harlan Coben, Jesús de la Vega, Sandra Hermida, Eneko Lizarraga and Oriol Paulo. The script was written by Guillem Clua, Oriol Paulo and Jordi Vallejo.

The Innocent Alternatives

If you liked The Innocent, you definitely gonna love these shows and movies. If you want to see more Spanish-language series from Netflix, we recommend ” Who Killed Sara? “, ” Money Heist ” and ” Sky Rojo “.

In “Who Killed Sara?” looking for Alex after he was released from prison, according to the murderers of his sister Sara.

In “Money Heist”, “The Professor” plans a special robbery with eight specialists.

And “Sky Rojo” is about the three prostitutes Coral, Wendy, and Gina, who flee from the henchmen of their nasty pimp.

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