Zack Snyder Loves the Ikorodu Bois’ Army of the Dead Trailer Remake

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Army of the Dead Updates: Zack synder is a Hollywood film director, producer and screen writer. He made his debut as a director with the remake of the horror movie Dawn of the dead in 2004.This Film was originally released in the year 1994 and made quite a name for itself on the big screen.

Zack has been in the limelight after the release of the film justice league that was initially directed by him but joss wheadon took the charge of the film after synder had to leave the project due to a family crisis.

The version of the film that joss wheadon presented was not at all accepted by the franchise fans all over the world and a movement for the release of the initial synder cut of the movie was demanded.

The movement #Releasethesyndercut was started all around the world and finally the director responded to this during an online interaction with his fans. The synder cut was released on 18th of march in the year 2021.The synder cut was 4 hours and 2 minutes and was launched on HBO Max.

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Army Of The Dead
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Zack snyders army of the dead is a classic zombie movie where a group of mercenaries gamble their life in order to obtain money from the cash vault in Las Vegas. The only problem is that the city has been affected by an infection that turns people into zombies.

In response to Zack snyders army of the dead ,a nigerion comedy group called ikorodu Bois also decided to make a spoof of the movie and the movie director loved it.

They took elements from the trailer and added their own twist into it. Instead of having a million dollar setup to re-enact the same scenes they used common house hold items and even had their own version of a zombie tiger. They did make up to their own dig so that he would look like a zombie dog. This much fan following reminds people why Zack snyder was the choice for DC.

The director even interacted with the team of ikarodu bois via a live online interaction that was officiated via netflix. The director heartly talked with the team members and encouraged the team to keep making such good content in the future also.