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The Perfect Find Netflix Movie: What We Know So Far

The Perfect Find

The Perfect Find Updates: Developed by Gabriella Union in 2020,the movie Perfect Find came up on Netflix in June on the same year.

The movie is directed by Director and Actress Numa Perrier, who’s been famous for her works in Jezebel, Queen Sugar and SMILF and Leigh Davenport is the head scriptwriter.

The book with the same name, ‘Perfect Find’ written by Tia Williams forms the basis of the movie and the plot of the movie is typically based on the book.

What is the plot of The Perfect Find? 

The movie is based on a book with the same name written by the award winning author,Tia Williams. The movie basically tells us the story of the struggle of Jenna Jones who’s a former fashion designer but has recently lost her job and is broke.

She’s desperate for a second chance in life to prove herself. After a series of mishaps, where she lost her job and also her long-time fiance, she was hired by her archenemy; Dercy Vale.

The Perfect Find

The fact that Dercy hired her was due to the reason that she wanted to employ someone who was a bit Old-school in order to create a perfect balance in her team filled with millenials.

Jane soon falls in love with the videographer of the company who’s also the son of the boss and this leads to a series of hilarious moments and crazy scenes.

The movie will be lead by Gabrielle Union who’ll be playing the role of Jenna Jones and is also producing the movie through her production company. Keith Powers will be playing the role of Eric while the role of Dercy Vale will be played by Niecy Nash.

What is the production status of the film and when will it be released on Netflix? 

The movie is in pre-production as of April 2021 and is set to start filming in June 2021 in Hudson County, NJ.

With the filming yet to begin, we can expect the film to be released by the first half of 2022.

The readers of the book are pretty much excited to watch the movie.


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