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All about Resident Evil village’s castle demo

Resident Evil village's castle  Details

Resident Evil Village’s Castle is an upcoming survival horror game developed and published by Capcom. This game recently attained a huge fan response because of its work on the graphics and also a lot for their previous works. It’s the eighth main installment in the Resident Evil franchise and is already popular among fans and the audience before its release. It has recently released a demo for PS4 and PS5 to hype up the launch of the game.

The story so far… 

After Ethan’s daughter is mysteriously kidnapped and she goes missing, Ethan sets out on a journey to find her. She’s held in Sinister European village. Ethan sets out to find her and winter slowly falls in the region. Ethan seeks shelter in a small house and is then informed that the villagers are held in respect and fear by a shadowy patron figure known as Mother Miranda and have possibly incurred her wrath as ravenous monsters now prowl around their homes.

Resident Evil village's castle  Details

As a shocked dad, Ethan goes completely blank and puts in all his efforts to find her or something about her. After receiving a warning from an old witch, Ethan sets out to investigate Castle Dimitrisecu.

The gameplay of Resident Evil village’s castle 

The demo tells us about various in-game mechanics of the game and makes us feel more hyped up and interested in it. Recently, in the second demo, the in-game shop has recently bought.

Ethan talks with a giant man, Duke who sells him stuff like healing items, ammunition, weapons, and weapon upgrades for various quests. . The second demo mostly focuses on puzzles to open doors and gates. In the second half, players are given plenty of ammo to slow down as well as flee from the castle. The pistol and shotgun show their differences in this portion. While the pistol slows down only by a small portion the shotgun fires with massive power and throws a lot of them backward thus providing him enough time to escape.


While the first demo showcased the outdoors, the second demo is mostly based indoors, thus allowing Capcom to show off its graphics quality and also to show off the rendered lighting and shadow effects the developers have worked upon. The developers have also paid attention to each and every minute detail like blood stains, paintings, shadows, and whatnot. The sound production of the game is also great with the perfect sounds for the perfect situation, matching the situation. The dialogue delivery is also on point thus making it the perfect kind in the presentation.


The first demo allowed the players to roam about and explore the map with various quests and hunts thus providing a complete insight into the game. While the second demo only focuses on scares and detailing. With the game set to release soon, with everything perfectly in their position; the developers and the distributors are really excited about the game and are positive about the success of the game.

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