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Special Season 2 trailer shades some whole new experiences

Special Season 2 Release Date

Special Season 2 Updates: The spectacular Netflix comedy is based on Ryan O’Connell’s life as a gay man who is diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Special looks to end on a high note, with the introduction of various new characters, and is there is an inclusion of a possible love triangle.

The second season of this hilarious comedy series is set to launch next month, once again revolves around Ryan who is played Ryan O’Connell by writer-creator of the show, a gay man in his 20s with cerebral palsy. The show is set in Los Angeles. After Season 1, the protagonist is navigating a difficult time at work and is separated from his overprotective mother.

It all starts when things start to run in favor of Ryan when he meets a handsome dance instructor, who turns on his single charm despite being in a relationship with someone else entirely. His gal pal Kim played by Punam Patel is busy facing challenges of her own.

Special Season 2 Release Date
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – SEPTEMBER 22: Ryan O’Connell attends the 2019 Netflix Primetime Emmy Awards After Party at Milk Studios on September 22, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Netflix )

There is an exciting slate of guest lineup that will appear on the show including the actor Charlie Barnett, Lauren Weedman, and even Leslie Jordan. Each episode of Special has been extended and now will be having 30 minutes run time, instead of the previous season’s 15-minute run time.

Watch the Season 2 trailer now on YouTube:

A screenwriter said that his decision to make a series based on his autobiography for the screen was created out of the portrayal as a false disability representation in the mainstream. He stated “People are so uncomfortable around disabilities, and they’re so scared of people and treating someone the wrong way, they choose to ignore them.

The buzz first came when in the first season especially focused on the show’s third episode in which there was a portrayal and brief frank depiction of gay sex. The scene was a response to his frustration with movies that depicted queer relationships. He stated in an interview by saying “I was just like, ‘Can we really just talk about anal sex, the positions?’ Because no one ever has,”.  He said that he was had enough of it and took the matters into his hands and there is a brief conversation in the series about the topic.

Season 2 of “Special” set to air on Netflix on May 20.

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