Vincenzo Episode 17 Delay Explained and What we know so far

Vincenzo Episode 17 Updates: Time changes as fans of the popular Korean TV series Vincenzo will be disappointed, but why is the 17th episode postponed?

As for other Korean TV series on Netflix, no other TV series is as good as Vincenzo recently.

At this moment, the series has an IMDB score of 8.3/10, a Dramatist score of 8.8/10, and an AsianWiki score of 92%, although the score may be higher. However, Vincenzo fans will be disappointed to hear that the series won’t be airing episode 17 on the weekend.

Unexpected Vincenzo Episode 17 Delay

On April 7, it was announced that Vincenzo would take an unexpected break from regular performances. The statement confirmed that the 17th episode of the popular Korean TV series will not be broadcast during the regular time of tvN. South Korea’s national television station.

The producer of the TV series said that a short vacation was taken “to improve the quality of the TV series. At the time of writing, it is not clear whether it is envisaged to directly re-record certain scenes, but doing so may cause post-production changes. Production, Which is the output of the last four episodes.


The 17th episode of Vincenzo will be aired on TVN in South Korea and on international Netflix on April 24 (Saturday).

Changing the schedule may delay the series by one week. The remaining four episodes may also be released in sequence on the last weekend of the original show on April 24 and 25. In place of Episode 17, Vincenzo will make a special broadcast. See below for details.


Fans of the series are happy to learn that Vincenzo’s new content is still in preparation. According to Soompi, Vincenzo’s special program will be released in South Korea on Saturday, April the 17th.

It is not clear what this episode is about and whether it will also be broadcast globally on Netflix. After confirming the delayed information in the 17th episode of Vincenzo season 1, this article will be updated.

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