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Walking Dead Season 11 Trailer Confirms August Release Date

Walking Dead Season 11
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Walking Dead Season 11 Updates: A trailer for The Walking Dead season 11 reveals an August premiere date. Last September, it was announced that the eleventh season of AMC’s zombie drama will be the final one.

Season 10 of The Walking Dead recently finished with the last of six incentivized episodes created after COVID constraints caused the show’s process layout to be changed.

Despite the fact that these six season 10 bonus episodes were much shorter than the typical Walking Dead show, they also seemed to set up a few items for season 11.

The final episode did, in effect, set up a potential conflict between Maggie and Negan by having the former bad guy returning to Alexandria after a short exile to a lonely cabin in the woods. Maggie’s comeback to the show also heralds the introduction of new characters, The Reapers, who were first teased in episode 17.

In the meantime, episode 20 gave viewers a preview of the long-awaited Commonwealth, as the plot revolved around Princess kidnapping by a shadowy militarised party.

Walking Dead Season 11 Trailer

Walking Dead Season 11
Screen Rant

According to a recently released new video from The Walking Dead, the Commonwealth will play a significant role in Season 11. The eleventh season will premiere on August 22, 2021, according to the same video. In fact, the video teases the introduction of a significant key character from the Walking Dead comics.

The latest trailer shows a series of vacant settings with a voice-over of someone being interviewed by a man with a rich and authoritative voice, giving it a decidedly sinister feel. The voice is most definitely that of Mercer, a Walking Dead comic book character who will debut in Season 11 and will be voiced by Michael James Shaw.

Mercer is a Commonwealth soldier with vivid red armor who establishes a friendship with Princess in the comics. An image of red armor, almost definitely Mercer’s, hanging in a locker appears in the latest teaser film.

Regardless of how things ended in season 10, the new season would almost certainly feature Princess, Ezekiel, Yumiko, and Eugene meeting Mercer and being subjected to the kind of grilling shown in the teaser video.

If the Commonwealth performs as it does in the comic books, there could be more significant changes in the season, namely the arrival of Pamela, the group’s ruthless leader (no casting news has yet been announced about Pamela).

The series can’t do justice to the Commonwealth as shown in the comics because main characters like Rick Grimes and Michonne are no more involved.


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