Rupert Grint Has Only Watched The First Three Harry Potter Movies

Harry Potter Updates: Rupert Grint, who played Ron Weasley, Harry Potter’s best friend, has conceded that he has only seen the first three films in the Harry Potter film franchise.

Potter’s fame has endured despite the fact that the final film in the eight-part series was released a decade ago and author J.K. Rowling wrote the saga’s final novel fourteen years ago.

Fans, of course, haven’t had much time to miss the wizarding world. Rowling’s inventions continue to command the spotlight through spin-offs, a stage production, video games, and possibly a new TV series, even though controversy threatens to derail everything.

What Rupert Grint has to say about the Harry Potter Movies?

Despite the highly debatable argument offered by some that he should never have ended up with Hermione or that his wizarding abilities pale in comparison to others, Ron has his own devoted following as one of the central characters of the novels and films.

Grint’s non-Potter roles haven’t been as plentiful or well-received as co-stars Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson’s, but Potter fans know that the series wouldn’t be the same without him. In a new interview with Variety, however, Grint discovered that he may not be as big of a Potter fan as fans would like.


Grint went on to say that now that he’s a father, he’ll probably end up watching the entire series with his daughter, Wednesday, after admitting that he’s actually only seen the first three films in the franchise due to attending premieres: Though it may seem odd for someone who starred in an eight-film series to not have watched them, the truth is that some actors do not watch their job.

Former Fantastic Beasts star Johnny Depp, as well as Meryl Streep and Jared Leto, have earlier stated that they do not watch their own films.

The list is very long and includes some of Hollywood’s greatest names. Grint isn’t quite on the same level as Hollywood’s biggest stars, but he’s a successful actor nonetheless. Being a part of something as massive as the Harry Potter franchise necessarily puts him in territory that is relatable to a wide range of celebrities.

Another reason Grint would not want to watch the entire Harry Potter series is that any critiques or problems he may have with his performances are impossible to fix.

The audience is more curious and excited to watch this series with high expectations. There is no doubt this series will not disappoint the audience. For more updates stay tuned.

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