One Punch Man Season 3: No. 1 Hero Has Finally Been Revealed

One Punch Man Season 3 Updates: Blast, the Hero Association’s No. 1 S-Class hero, has eventually been revealed by One Punch Man. One-Punch Man is a manga series created by ONE and Yusuke Murata. Since June 2012, it has been serialized and adapted into an anime. It’s a spoof series that pokes fun at typical superhero tropes.

The series’ central joke is that the protagonist, Saitama, has outstripped the strength of all living things by faithfully pursuing his notorious workout routine of 100 pushups, 100 situps, 100 squats, and a daily 10 km run. As a result, he finishes every fight with a single punch, earning him the title.

When Saitama knows he doesn’t have a viable opponent, he becomes bored and settles down in an apparently ordinary town outside of the Hero Association’s radar. Since then, he has lost interest in the Hero Association but rekindles his interest after learning of a hero’s wages.

One Punch Man Season 3 S-Class Hero

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Despite this, he only receives a C-Class grade due to his failure to pass the written examinations. Genos, his sidekick and self-proclaimed student, on the other hand, is promoted to S-Class.

Genos, on the other hand, is still ranked 14th among the S-Class heroes. One-Punch Man has only referenced or shown the silhouette of Blast, the no. 1 S-Class hero, until the most recent updates.

In times of crisis, the Hero Association turns to Tornado of Terror, an incredibly powerful psychic, and Fubuki’s older sister. One Punch Man eventually exposes Blast in his superhero costume in Chapter 135 of the manga.

Tornado is already on the verge of collapsing during the battle with Psychos after literally wringing an entire city. However, while unconscious, she has a dream about being sold by her parents. That’s when she sees Blast for the first time, and it’s also when the series first reveals Blast in his entirety.

Tornado is rescued by Blast, who gives her some motivation. He explains to her that those in positions of great power do not depend on others to save them. Not only that, but he also reminds her that she does have someone to protect: her sister. Despite the fact that Blast has finally been seen in the series, fans have yet to see him in action.

After all, he’s only known about him because of Tornado’s flashback. Blast has already retired as a hero, according to One Punch Man, and is unlikely to enter the fight against the Monster Association. That doesn’t rule out the possibility of him appearing in future arcs.

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