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Ashutosh Kumar Jha National President of ROSHNI NGO in India for Child Education, Women Empowerment, and Rural Development

Ashutosh Kumar Jha, ROSHNI National President

Ashutosh Kumar Jha, the National President of ROSHNI – an NGO in India working for Child Education, Women Empowerment, and Rural Development helping the destitute people across the country with his team ROSHNI ( since 2014.  Roshni (Sanstha) during its inception in 2014, the main idea was to help the poor students by giving them free tuition or coaching which was accomplished in its first year by opening 4 ‘Free Education Centers’ in Delhi NCR region.

The NGO was started by Ashutosh Ji, with very limited resources but a very high determination to serve the society without any discrimination. In the first year of its establishment, almost 1000+ students poor and female students were brought back to schools who had left their education because of poverty.

Ashutosh Kumar Jha, ROSHNI National President

After the team’s achievement in its first mission, ROSHNI under the leadership of Ashutosh Kumar Jha launched the Program SAFE- Skill Acquisition for Female Empowerment, under which the NGO is working hard to give various kinds of Skills to the Female so that they can feel independent economically and gain the self-confidence to change the world. The Program was started with 50 women but now at every 4 months course, 200 women are getting benefits from the program.

The Main Vision of Ashutosh Ji and his team is getting into the picture now as the Team has become huge over 1000+ volunteers across the country with a presence in 7 states and 20+ centers.

Roshni at present time working in small villages and urban India to aware people about COVID-19 and how to tackle the problems caused due to this world-wide pandemic.

 The Team ROSHNI is working for these causes:

  • Women Empowerment
  • Child Education
  • Rural Development
  • Health and Hygiene
  • Skill Development
  • Disaster Response
  • SAVE Environment

Although Roshni (Sanstha) is getting CSR funds from various PSU and Government Organizations, The Team still needs support to continue its missions to help more and more underprivileged people in India.

You can Donate them Online at their website

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