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Black Widow Theatrical Release Will Be A “Last Minute” Call, Says Disney CEO

Black Widow
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Black Widow Updates: The theatrical release of Black Widow, according to Disney CEO Bob Chapek, would most likely be a last-minute decision. The movie which was eagerly anticipated was set to debut in May of 2020 by initiating Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The continuing coronavirus pandemic has indeed thrown a wrench within these arrangements, which is why Black Widow had to be postponed numerous times over the last year. It is officially set to release in May of 2021, but due to the uncertainty in the theatrical industry, many within Hollywood believe it will have to be rescheduled.

There are glimmers of hope, with COVID-19 vaccines being circulated and movie theatres opening up in popular destinations like New York and Los Angeles.

Nevertheless, before things return to pre-pandemic levels, there is still a fair journey to travel. According to health professionals, theatres will not be safe until a year after the vaccinations become easily obtainable.

As a result, the forthcoming summer movie schedule is in turmoil, with many titles already being postponed to the fall. Black Widow is currently set to premiere in May, but that could change at any instant.

Black Widow: Theatrical Release

Black Widow

Chapek, when in a conversation with Bloomberg, stated “Our situation and our conditions change. Just a few weeks ago, theaters in New York and Los Angeles weren’t even open. Now, all of a sudden they’re open, so we’re waiting to see how prospective theatergoers respond to these reopenings. We’re going to remain flexible.”

Waiting and observing is a great tactic for Disney and hence it comes with consequences. A new Black Widow teaser has not been released in over the past 12 months, and the promotional campaign will need to be relaunched in the weeks leading up to the movie’s release.

It’s reasonable to assume that Disney will need to come to terms with output on Black Widow’s release date quickly to give themselves adequate room to advertise and promote awareness for the movie.

The studio may not have a deliberate plan on what happens with the vaccination outreach and theatres in the coming weeks. Black Widow would be the newest Disney+ Premier Access title and be made available to consumers on the same day as theatres for a surcharge.

But, without any regard to the pandemic, Black Widow will have to be unleashed at some point, thanks to Phase 4’s Disney+ TV shows.