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Justice League Snyder Cut Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern

Justice League Snyder Cut Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern

For his Justice League, Zack Snyder had a Green Lantern proposal. Even if it wasn’t about Ryan Reynolds’ version, he would have included the actor.

Zack Snyder discovers that Ryan Reynolds could’ve played Green Lantern in his Justice League film, but he had bigger plans for the DC hero. Reynolds first appeared in a superhero costume as the foul-mouthed Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool, in 2011’s Green Lantern. Reynolds portrayed Hal Jordan in the film, which was released in the hopes of launching a new DC franchise. Green Lantern, on the other hand, was a noteworthy flop that is still mocked today. In fact, Reynolds is often the one making fun of the film.

Justice League Snyder Cut Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern

Justice League Snyder Cut Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern

Nonetheless, fans have always wondered if Reynolds would ever be able to wear the CGI suit again. Rumors of his possible return were sparked last year by the announcement that Snyder’s infamous cut of Justice League would be released. Snyder is capable of regaining his initial vision for the DCEU team-up adventures with this latest movie. When it was revealed that Justice League would conclude with a shocking superhero cameo, fans speculated that it could be Reynolds as Hal. Reynolds, on the other hand, was quick to debunk that notion. There are currently no plans for him to reprise his role as Green Lantern.

If Snyder had included Green Lantern in his Justice League, he would have included Reynolds in some capacity. The director spoke with THR about his long-awaited movie and whether he ever contemplated a cameo by Reynolds. “I would have another different concept for the Green Lantern that wasn’t Ryan,” Snyder explained. He would, somehow, have found a way and included the former big-screen Hal. “I thought if we went down this path [with] Green Lantern, I’d have to have Ryan as the extra Lantern,” Snyder summarised. “But that’s a different story.”

Fans will undoubtedly be disappointed to learn that Reynolds will not appear in Justice League, though it’s amusing to speculate that Snyder would have worked him in if Green Lantern had been included. Hal Jordan is unlikely to appear in the film, but a recent Justice League teaser confirmed the presence of a Green Lantern during the film’s History Lesson sequence. This is most likely Yalan Gur, though it’s unclear whether he’ll have a speaking role or simply appear in the fight.

Reynolds, for one, is coming into the Snyder Cut soul by watching Green Lantern for the first time. Some may question the timing, so it’s best to go into Justice League without expecting a cameo from the star. Reynolds is happier as Deadpool, and while he’ll still always make fun of his time as Green Lantern, it doesn’t appear that he’ll be reprising the role any time soon.

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