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Parker 2: Why Jason Statham’s Sequel Never Happened

Parker 2
Screen Rant

Parker 2 Updates: Parker 2 with Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez never happened albeit the first movie achieved success on streaming – and here’s why. Parker 2 never happened due to how the first film performed, but also due to Jason Statham’s career trajectory.

Westlake’s book series, so there’s much source material to adapt for a sequel. Despite all the franchise potential, though, Parker 2 has never been greenlit by executives, even during a time when a sequel could thrive on a well-liked streaming service.

Written by John J. McLaughlin (Black Swan) and directed by Taylor Hackford (Ray), Parker stays faithful to crime thriller tropes. Jason Statham stars because the title character, a knowledgeable thief who lives by a selected code of honor so as to attenuate the chaos in his life. After a heist-gone-wrong, Parker is left for dead by his accomplices then seeks revenge after being saved.

Parker 2 Know more about the Sequel

Parker 2 never got made due to the first film’s perceived mediocrity. Based on the general reviews, critics weren’t impressed with the storyline and acknowledged the shortage of character depth for Statham’s character. But an alms box office return and middle-of-the-road.

Furthermore, considering Statham’s already extensive career reached new heights within the years after Parker’s release, particularly being a staple within the Fast and Furious franchise, it stands to reason that he wouldn’t return for Parker 2 albeit he was given the prospect.

Parker 2
Screen Rant

From a streaming perspective, there is definitely plenty to enjoy about Parker. Instead, Lopez is employed for comedic relief, and as to how to underline Parker’s moral code, as he’s still technically during a relationship with a lady named Claire, portrayed by Emma Booth.

Lopez’s performance is arguably the most point, but her lack of screen time results in an underwhelming climax. Parker works as a fun piece of popcorn entertainment, but its storytelling is predictable and safe. There’s conflict resolution but no big pay-off, and not even a blatant tease for a sequel.

Parker has been a serious hit on Netflix because it checks off the acceptable amount of boxes for curious streamers. There’s an A-list draw with Statham, an actor who is primarily related to action flicks, and whose name alone informs viewers about what to expect.

Of course, Lopez and Chiklis also are major draws and deliver above-average performances to stay Netflix subscribers intrigued, albeit the story is indeed predictable.

In the Streaming Era, Parker’s formulaic design and streaming success imply that a sequel could potentially be a Netflix Original, assuming that Statham wants to reprise his role. Back in 2013, though, Parker 2 didn’t appear to be a movie that might inspire people to go away home for a visit to the local cinema. A lot has changed within the film industry since then.

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