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How Sebastian Stan Learned Falcon Was The Next Captain America

Sebastian Stan
Screen Rant

Sebastian Stan: The Marvel Studios has just released their first original Wanda vision in Disney plus and now the studio is set to release its second original in Disney plus.

And here we come to know that the Marvel team has decided to get in a new Captain America into the MCU.

Chris Evans did not reveal to Sebastian Stan who is getting Captain America’s shield but he had already told to Anthony Mackie.

The question is how Sebastian stan knew about the Next Captain America. And now Sebastian Stan revealed that how he came to know that Anthony is getting the Shield in ‘ The Falcon and the winter Soldier’.

After Steve Rogers’s retirement, the US government has will pick John Walker ( Wyatt Russell) to wield the captain’s Shield. At the Avengers End game, Steve gets retired and lives his normal life with piggy Carter and he returns to the original timeline to give the shield to Sam.

What Sebastian Stan has to say about Sam as Captain America?

Sebastian Stan
Screen Rant

Bucky ( Stan) was there when Steve gives the shield to Sam. When Chris Evans told Mackie that he would be getting Captain America’s shield and would become the new Captain America , Stan was left hanging.

Stan said that he didn’t find that he would be getting the shield until the trio shoot of Avenger’s end game.

Mackie was upset that Stan found out the scene when he was in the set and costume. This is different from how Mackie found it. Chris Evans told him in a party amongst the co-stars that he would be getting the shield and that’s where Marvel’s secret broke. This seems Sam’s role grows in the MCU.

The series Falcon and the Winter Soldier is set to stream in Disney plus for six-episode and it means for Sam a lot to get merged into the complicated legacy of Captain America.

The show creates a tension because of the conflicts that could arise between Steve Rogers and the US government as the US government and Steve Rogers had never had an eye to eye relation although he wielded the Cap’s shield. And Steve to become one of the main Antagonists.

It seems to be a lingering point to both Sam and Bunky that they both will fight together against the forces of evil in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier which streams in the upcoming weeks.