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Navillera: What To Expect From K Drama and Much More


Navillera Updates: Navillera(2021) is an approaching South Korean series that go around the Subject of attaining dreams and working on desires. The story is based upon the life of Sim Deok-Chool(Park In-Hwan).

He is possession a long-lasting dream presenting a ballet dance performance on stage. He is an old-retired man of 70 years before he worked in the post office. Due to some unpredictable and luckless life circumstances, he was not able to fulfill his dream. But after getting retire, his desire again got fire and he promises himself to become a ballet dancer.

His family were not liking his idea at all, but he doesn’t care and listen and follows his heart. He finally learns ballet company. In the Company, he met with Lee Chae-Rok, become matured learning and taking part in many variant sports. He practiced and take part in many sports like Soccer, baseball, swimming, but he never got success.

After these failures, he decided on learning ballet and he also had an interest in learning it. His mother was also a ballerina, but she got expired, when Chae-Rok was young due to some disease.

His father went away due to bankruptcy so he loses every contact with him. When he chooses a profession, he has to went through crises both financially and emotionally.

He got so deep inside it that she forgets that she has a life. Due to this hard time, his passion disappears on. Then he met with  Deok-Chool. Now, it will be interesting to watch that how Deok Chool will help him.

All About Navillera

What’s on Netflix

The series Navillera is going to cast Hong Seung-hee as (Shim Eun-ho), Park-In-Hwan as (Shim Deok-chu), Na Moon-hee as (Choi Hae-Nam) and Sung Kang as (Lee Chae-Rok). They will be leading the series, along with some supporting characters.
Hence, the cast seems very great, and the rest can be said after watching the drama.

This South Korean drama will be going to release in the year 2021. This Drama is directed by Han Dong Hwa. The drama will be launched both Netflix both on Netflix and TVN.

This drama is going to revolve around two people having some desire to learn Ballet, the common thing that seems between them is that they both are plunged into problems of their life which forces them to think twice about their decision of learning ballet.

The story of this Korean drama will going to be both rough and emotional. The same desire of both the Man of learning drama will be going to create a bond between them.

The story will be going to reveal how hard it is to live your dream without financial and family support. The only support left is the support they both can give to each other.

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