To All The Boys 4 Wants A Time Leap To Complete The Story of Lara Jean & Peter

To All The Boys 4 Updates: After the To All The Boys trilogy, Lara Jean and Peter go to college, but a time leap will help them better tie up their story in To All The Boys 4.

In addition to being able to properly tie up the story of Lara Jean and Peter, the prospective movie To All The Boys 4 needs to be conducted after a major time leap.

To All The Boys: Netflix’s hit rom-com series based on Jenny Han’s To All The Boys I Loved Before books, always and forever finished.

However if the streaming service chooses to proceed with the story of Lara Jean and Peter beyond their years in high school, they have to ensure there’s plenty of time between their trilogy’s conclusion and what’s next.

Trying to kick off with To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before in 2018, the movie soon had become a hit for Netflix and the sequels were green-lit instantly. Since then, To All The Boys: PS I Still Love You, and much more lately, To All The Boys 3, have been released.

Despite the arrival of John Ambrose and Josh Sanderson, it was obvious from the get-go that Lara Jean will eventually wind up with Peter, but when the pair head to various universities for education, their storyline will simply expand if Netflix wishes to continue trying to capitalize on its success.

To All The Boys 4 Time Jump

Rather than grabbing where To All The Boys: Always and Forever ended, To All The Boys 4 should occur in the far future, potentially leading to their graduation during the last year of Lara Jean and Peter’s college.

They survived their long-distance set-up during that point, where they both hated in the third movie and the biggest reason why they nearly broke up with both of them for not actually wishing to.

They’re going to make this difficult scenario work, as Lara Jean suggested at the end of To All The Boys: Always and Forever, but there’s still nothing fresh and different in discussing that.

So, at a particular turning point in Lara Jean and Peter’s tale, To All The Boys 4 can replay the tale in which they have to determine what happens next in their lives after college given that they are now at the opposite ends of the country.

However, even though they released a sequel, it will take years to unleash since the coronavirus pandemic has slowed down progress in Hollywood, not to mention the packed slate of projects for the near future by Netflix.

Provided this, if they grab Lara Jean and Peter’s tale at the end of their college days, the series will take a complete pause.

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