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Supergirl Season 6: Lillian Could Very Well Turn Out to Be Supergirl’s Most Dangerous Luthor

Supergirl Season 6

Supergirl Season 6 Updates: Supergirl’s Lillian Luthor, as she appears from the shadows, reveals that she’s more sinister than Lex and Lena, making her the most dangerous Luthor of all.

The Luthors of Supergirl are the first Arrowverse villainy families and Lillian Luthor will be the most threatening Luthor of all of them.

The show has relished pursuing the tension and entanglements of the Luthor family tree after Lena Luthor first arrived in National City on an ill-fated journey to create an identity beyond her notorious last name.

The arrival of Lena’s iconically most notorious pal, Lexeventual, came close to wiping Supergirl and her story off the game board almost entirely. Yet, maybe the most dangerous Luthor all along was the one with little to prove, who proved time and time again that Luthor’s matriarch, Lillian, was the most effective mastermind of sinister schemes in the show.

Supergirl Season 6 Leader of Cadmus

Lillian arrived as the leader of Cadmus, the underground agency determined to rid the planet of aliens, in Supergirl’s second season. Lillian achieved incredible accomplishments during her term, including trapping Supergirl to procure a blood sample that would include entry to the Fortress of Solitude and a lethal Kryptonian virus.

She broke out of jail with her daughter, not to save her, but to use Lena’s DNA to enter the vault of Lex’s arms. Lillian was a master at manipulating the vulnerabilities of her enemies, such as getting back the supposed deceased Jeremiah Danvers.

Lillian profited also when faced with defeats, acquiring additional wealth, expertise, and advantages over her rivals. In the fourth season, she was involved in creating a strategy for counteracting human use of the Kryptonian substance Harun-El.

She once again appeared on top after Crisis on Infinite Earths in season 5, declaring herself an upgraded Lillian, having brought the disguise of her power to the next level. Lex knew that it could be his most dangerous endeavor to work with Lillian.

Supergirl Season 6

On every earth, Lillian Luthor is more of a threat than her children, largely because she does not reveal her plans to the world. Her real agenda, the continuing conquest of influence for herself, never falls victim to her pride and feelings, vulnerabilities that she feels have consistently driven Lex and Lena to defeat.

With no fanfare, Lillian works from the darkness, as only the really dangerous do. While her offspring did not inherit her poker face, Lex and Lena Luthor are genuinely creations of the development of Lillian; her most prized ventures.

Lillian proved herself to be a formidable defender when crooked CEO Morgan Edge confronted Lena in season 3. She used the mission as a way to try to get rid of Supergirl when leading the mission to save Lena from the attacking Daxamite submarine.

When they face physical and emotional roadblocks, Lex and Lena often transform towards their mother. Lena seeks out her mother while confronted with science problems she can’t answer.

When her children are through playing at becoming villains and heroes, Lillian is still waiting in the wings to clean up, such as when she interfered with Lex’s dispersal system to solve Lena’s unwittingly helped Daxamite attack.

Earth-Prime Lillian’s guidance was almost instantly sought by Lex Luthor and she eagerly helped her son trick his sister into joining forces. No one is more talented at deception than Lillian, and her own children are her most commonly used game pieces.