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Night Stalker True Story: What Happened To Every Major Player

Night Stalker
Night Stalker

Night Stalker Updates: Night Stalker ends with the capture of serial killer Richard Ramirez in 1985, but what happened after that to the big players? The basics are here.

Night Stalker ends with the arrest of serial killer Richard Ramirez in 1985, but what happened in the following years to the big players?

The Netflix show has been criticized for glorifying the subject and displaying too much explicit footage since its release in January 2021, but director Tiller Russell does indeed give a detailed account of the investigation. Numerous detectives and reporters often provide first-hand accounts of their encounters with the situation, which will leave viewers of Night Stalker curious about the careers of the subjects as a whole.

Ramirez killed a dozen people in the greater Los Angeles area from April to August 1985 and even murdered a man from San Francisco. Detectives Gil Carrillo and Frank Salerno remember in Night Stalker their joint efforts to locate a suspect and shield vital information from the press and politicians in California.

He was linked to a 1984 assassination, along with a 1985 killing in San Francisco, after Ramirez was eventually found and apprehended. Night Stalker on Netflix, as a whole, leans heavily on serial killer stereotypes, apparently to capitalize on the latest trend.

Netflix viewers review:-

Netflix viewers may have a solid understanding of Ramirez’s modus operandi after watching the show. Sadly, the true-crime series does not thoroughly examine the upbringing of the subject or the years surrounding his arrest and conviction.

As Ramirez, alongside Ted Bundy, is one of America’s most infamous serial killers, the case investigators inevitably became more well-known through media attention. Here’s what happened to the biggest Night Stalker players.

Night Stalker: What Happened To Investigator Frank Salerno:-


Frank Salerno was already a bit of a Los Angeles legend by 1985. The inquiry into the Hillside Strangler, which was discovered to be two distinct persons, cousins Angelo Buono Jr. and Kenneth Bianchi, was led almost a decade earlier by the detective.

Salerno appears cool and composed during interviews in Night Stalker, while his former partner Gil Carrillo is a little more excited, definitely when he remembers the moment his famous colleague recruited him.

The Netflix docuseries end with Salerno indicating that before his first recorded murders in 1985, Ramirez may have murdered multiple members.

After spending decades employed as a prosecutor, Salerno is now retired. He allegedly helped develop the Violent Criminal Apprehension Program of the FBI (via The Wrap) and also taught courses at San Jose State University and the Department of Justice of California (per Distractify).