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Gray Jedi: Latest Update & What To Expect

Gray Jedi

Gray Jedi Update: Introduced in the novel Into The Dark, the Wayseekers are Jedi, who work independently of the Jedi Council, drawn to their own journey to achieve a greater knowledge of the Force.

The representations of the Wayseekers, the manner in which they work, and, in some cases, their disillusionment with the laws of the Jedi Council is identical to the Gray Jedi, a different Jedi sect decanonized in the Legends.

Since the Skywalker Saga proved that the Jedi Council made big errors by sticking so closely to their dogma, Wayseekers could play a significant role in the future of Jedi’s tales which could contribute to a new canon similar to Gray Jedi.

Gray Jedi: Update

The novel centers on Wayseekeer Orla Jareni, who came to challenge the Jedi Council after a disastrously unsuccessful mission. The Jedi Council supports the Wayseekers’ decisions to act independently, and in the past Wayseekers have used their freedom to meditate, support rebels, and even become Alderaan’s singing sensation in one prominent situation.

Gray Jedi

The Gray Jedi of the Legends were Force-users who walked between the light and the moon, not Jedi nor Sith, and did not abide or agree to the rigid rules of the Jedi Code. However, the canon more narrowly described the Jedi as a practitioner of the Light Side of the Force, rendering the Gray Jedi a paradox in terms.

Wayseekers may be a handy exception in this description since Jedi is not subject to all the same laws. This puts them in an uncertain role, analogous to Jedi, who served after the collapse of the Order, including Luke Skywalker.

The Wayseekers are the perfect way to move the Jedi past the errors of the Jedi Council in the Skywalker Saga, adding the same complexity to the practice of the Power as the Gray Jedi did.

Star Wars Canon has explored various groups of Force-users who are neither Jedi nor Sith, but Wayseekers are the nearest to addressing the void left behind by Gray Jedi’s decanonization.

Many theories from Legends could emerge in any form in the effort of the High Republic since the age is just now beginning, and new revelations could make the Star Wars galaxy much more complicated. For more updates stay tuned.

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