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The Expanse Season 5 Final Scene & Everything we know so far

The Expanse Season 5

In the final episode of The Expanse season 5, the Martian ship emerges from the Ring and appears frozen in time – before being consumed by an angry red force. Although it is not yet clear, sources at the Nemes Games give us a glimpse of what happened to the powerful Martian ship, Barkeith, which was canceled as it sailed from the Ring to the planet Laconia. At the moment it’s more than just an exciting, surprising deviation: The last, cold weather is a reminder of the great unknown hidden danger in the Ring, setting the bizarre conclusion of The Expanse season 6.

The season of Expanse 5 ended with the culmination of Marco Inaros’ plan: after bringing this protocol to the rebel group from Mars, the Free Navy and its new allies were able to defeat the Martian warships guarding the Ring. Admiral Sauveterre and Lt. Babbage has been confirmed to have been participants in Marco’s terrorist activities and were deported from the Ring to Laconia, where some powerful Martians built a mysterious ship using Ring Builder technology.

The moment Barkeith entered the Laconia ring, the ship was frozen in time and turned over. The ship and all the crew were then wiped out by a cloud-like form, and their particles appeared to be erased. Although not explicitly stated in the episode, Barkeith was destroyed by Unknown Aggressors: the creatures that exterminated the Ring Builders earlier, and the worst villains of The Expanse season 6.

The Expanse Season 5: Final Scene Update

The Expense Season 5

Unknown alien Aggressors introduced in the season of The Expanse 4. After crossing the Gateway and settling in the unknown Ilus, Holden found that the aliens in charge of the treaty, called the “Telephone Builders,” had once been a civilization exterminated by unknown forces.

After protomolecule remnants re-launched the ancient Ilus devices that threatened the lives of new residents, Holden, The Investigator, and Drs. Elvi Okoye discovered and used the remaining weapon left by Unknown Aggressors: a mysterious place where – where the Detective passed by – destroyed traces of remaining protocols and shut down planetary devices.

So far, only two characters have met with unknown opponents. Holden’s relationship with the Detective – a protocol-built structure to find out what happened to the ring makers – provided Holden with an (limited) understanding of Ring Builder’s history.

Holden even faced the idea of ​​finishing Ring Builder for season 3. In The Expanse season 4, Dr. Elvi Okoye had a similar experience while passing through the “Cibola Burn” category. He describes what happened to Holden and says, I can feel the gaps between things. He says he felt “presence” coming towards him – and Holder responds that he also feels the same thing, every time he gets in the ring.

Elvi’s view of passing the field on “Cibola Burn” is similar to the look of the last shot of The Expanse 5 season. Moreover, his description of the experience is similar to the description of what happened to Barkeith in the novel Nemesis Games.

The text describes Saveverere suddenly being able to see spaces between molecules, and as he tries to shout, an inexplicable force touches something that passes through the spaces between spaces- he runs to him, killing him. Undoubtedly this is what happened at the end of The Expanse 5 season, establishing the anonymous Aggressors and Laconia Empire to be the main focus of the show’s final season.

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