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Marvel’s Phase 4 Already Has The Perfect Agents Of SHIELD Season 7 Replacement

Agents Of SHIELD Season 7
Agents Of SHIELD Season 7 Updates: Now that Agents of Shield has completed its 7 seasons, WandaVision may have already introduced a perfect replacement, in that they will feature Jimmy woo and the Agents of Atlas.
In the fourth season of WandaVision’s, Jimmy Woo, the FBI investigates the strange in Ant-Man and the Wasp, along with Monica Rambeau and Darcy Lewis to investigate the strange occurrence at Westview from outside the bubble of scarlet Witch’s sitcom world.When the episode got aired, the director of the show StephenSean Ford tweeted suggested Jimmy woo should lead an X-files type of show for weird cases in the MCU, which isn’t a bad idea.

Agents Of SHIELD Season 7 Replacements

According to the performance of Jimmy Woo has set up a perfect premise with the investigation of CMBR, and it could lead to the introduction of jimmy woo agents of atlas from the Comics.

Jimmy Woo has taken on a focal part in a few comics series, most as of late driving a gathering of legends called the Agents of Atlas.
In later runs, Woo enlisted numerous Asian and Asian-American saints from Marvel’s list, for example, Shang-Chi, Brawn, and Silk, into his group at the Atlas Foundation, and legends like Ms. Wonder additionally worked with his representatives.
The Agents of Atlas worked likewise to SHIELD, and Jimmy Woo’s comic history could be an ideal lead-in to his future in the MCU, particularly as WandaVision might set up the MCU’s next rush of superheroes.
While an MCU form of the Agents of Atlas would be uniquely not quite the same as the funnies, the set-up is ready for Woo and his group to turn into the new Agents of SHIELD.