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Gal Gun Returns Screenshots Show Off Characters and Costumes

Gal Gun Returns

Gal Gun Returns Updates: To help people who are preparing to prepare for Gal Gun Returns and know what to expect from the train driver on-rails, PQube and Inti Creates have shared a bunch of screenshots.

The collection focuses on a variety of items in the game, clothing that people can wear, and characters such as Akira, Aoi, Kaname, Kaoruko, and Pataki.

The company also confirmed it would receive a 10% discount before launch, bringing the price down to $ 44.99 at Shop and Steam.

For example, while Gal Gun Returns is primarily a shooter, there are times when you will need to make decisions. A new collection of screenshots shows what those conversations might look like.

Also, see what the NPCs will look like and look at the parts of the game that involve them. Finally, a new gallery of Gal Gun Returns screenshots shows you can customize main character costumes and NPC uniforms, gym clothes, and swimwear.

In case you missed it and would like to see the action-packed Gal Gun Returns game, Inti Creates hosted one of its Hangin ‘episodes of Inti HQ on January 12, 2021. The part about the game and video presentation starting at the 16-minute mark.

Gal Gun Returns Screenshots Show

Gal * Gun is a train driver and bishōjo. The player controls the main character, Tenzou shooting his classmates with “PheromoneArrow”, while automatically navigating the prescribed route in each section.

Gal Gun Returns

Girls run to the actress trying to express their love with notes or shouts that should be prevented by shooting them. If a player fails to do so, this leads to damage to his HP.

The girls who were shot found happiness, humiliated by the process. Each girl has her weak point in her body leading to the “Ecstasy Shot”, overcoming them as soon as they are shot. As the game progresses in each stage, the player may face female teachers who have to be shot multiple times, making it difficult to win.

The game has a sim-based story mode, in which the player can be asked to answer questions from the main characters. The actor’s response touches on the girl’s love interest in Tenzou, which affects the continuation of the story and the ending.

During the News Mode “Action Events” may appear, which may be a small game or war. The performance of the player during such events will also affect the progression to the end

Gal Gun Returns will arrive at Nintendo switch in Japan and Asia on January 28, 2021, and a Nintendo Switch, and on PC worldwide on February 12, 2021. The worldwide release of PQube includes a limited edition.

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