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Pandora Season 3: Can Pandora Get Another Series?


Pandora Season 3 Update: Season 3 of PANDORA is wished for by fans of The CW cast. But is another series going to be there?
As the sci-fi series wraps up some tense stories, Pandora brings its second season to a close on The CW tonight (December 13). Fans will also be asking, though, what the future holds for the fantasy show, and whether for a third season it will be returning.

Pandora Season 3: Will there be another series?

Set in the late 2100s, ever since it was first launched in 2019, Pandora has wowed fans on The CW.
The characters were tracked during the second season when they began collaborating for the Earth Intelligence Service.

Now, as Xander Duvall (played by Oliver Dench) finds vengeance for his actions, the finale brings this plot to an end.
Around the same time, before the Ancients embark on their final decision, Jax Zhou (Priscilla Quintana) set out on her quest of saving the world.

Pandora Season 3
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Fans of the show will be keen to see what is going to happen next in the series as the series comes to a close.

Pandora has officially not been renewed by The CW for a third season.

However, an optimistic update was given on the show’s future in an exclusive interview with series star Noah Huntley.
When he was asked if he wanted to come back for a third date, he said, “Well, I hope so. It just needs to become coherent, I suppose.”
“I think there’s a risk that you will keep making more and more and expanding the frontier as you create this very wide universe, and I feel some of the stakes need to be discussed now.”

“Once the elements at stake have been presented and the dispute has been presented, you then ought to establish a settlement.”

“And I agree that Mark [showrunner Mark A Altman] is mindful of that and undoubtedly goes some way to clarify the threads that have stayed unanswered since season one.”

“And I guess it really is about making sure that in upcoming seasons, it happens to be part of the process.
I mean, I know that in season three, the CW is concerned because we have managed to go ahead [filming] where others have not.”

“I think our show has budgetary aspects, which make it really compelling to The CW, too.”

He also went on to say that it would be exciting for him to return if the show could manage to expand on its popularity.

Huntley continued: “I feel like going to season three, now in season two, there are so many strengths and so many problems that have been cleared up that in season one weren’t even up to speed.
I think it’s a very exciting opportunity for the show to develop and to be part of it is amazing, especially because you’ve been there since the beginning.”

The star also revealed how they were planning to begin shooting soon if it goes forward.

He added that in February of next year, Pandora 3 is dreaming about moving forward.

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