Avenue 5 Season 2: 10 things that need to happen

Avenue 5 Season 2 Update: A lot could happen in the second season of Avenue 5, but what do viewers want to see?

Although no premiere date for the Avenue 5 Season 2 of the HBO science-fiction comedy Avenue 5 has yet been announced, the series Avenue 5 has been confirmed for a season 2.

A novel premise follows the show: set in the future, people are no longer on holiday on cruise ships on the water, but on interplanetary cruise ships traveling across the cosmos.

Managed by a clueless billionaire (played by the funny Josh Gad) it also turns out that the captain of the ship (played by Hugh Laurie) is only a useless face – he has no real experience of how to run a cruise ship.

When a horrific event leads to the ship heading off track, the passengers know that for years, not days, they may be stranded on board.

When the travelers discover that the current trajectory means that the time they’ll be stranded in space has risen from 3.5 to eight years, season one concludes with a cliff-hanger. There could be a lot going on in season two, but what do viewers want to see?


The Journey’s Length Shortens

For the second season, the most apparent need is for the crew and passengers to provide a plan to shorten the duration of the voyage and return to Earth. That said, the longer the air stays for the sake of the show, the more seasons the series will have, of course.

Avenue 5 Season 2

Even then, at least the second season has to show everyone coming together and find a way to change direction and come home from space sooner than the present situation indicates, even though there is another failure.


Billie Takes The Ship Over Leading

From the get-go, it’s obvious that Billie is one of only a handful of people working on a ship who knows just what she’s talking about. Billie is the true brain behind the operation, while Captain Ryan (the brilliant Hugh Laurie) is a perfect face for the brand and the kind who can dominate an audience (sort of).

There has to be a transition in which she issues the orders and she is genuinely listened to by people.


Figure out what’s going to happen to Iris

Aboard a delivery ship, the season ended with Iris, attempting to keep Jordan off so Judd could get aboard and run to safety. But once the countdown stops, the doors close, and Iris is mistakenly sent away to his location.

Iris is the right-hand woman of Judd, but it’s unclear how she’s going to handle it without having him watch over it and, most importantly, how Judd’s going to function without having Iris by his side there. If Iris lands safely on earth, it will make for an intriguing dynamic to see her interact from there. Or would she wind up back on the ship somehow?


Matt Dealing With His Shame

Matt, played by Zach Woods, who is well known for his role as Jared on the HBO series Silicon Valley, was one of the best characters on the show, always a ray of sunshine, speaking in a thoughtful tone even while delivering bad news.

That is before things went awfully bad and the turning over of codes led to the accidental killing of seven people.

He hid away on the ship in the final episode, seeking to avoid having any further trouble and struggling with his remorse. The return of the old Matt needs to be seen in season two.


Karen Knocked A Few Pegs Down

Like she owns the house, Karen has been wandering around. The cruise crew enlisted her support as a liaison, due to her willingness to mobilize the troops. She appears to make bad choices, however.
Instead of the portside airlocks, the main blunder was mistakenly launching the delivery ship with tons of extra weight from the rear of the ship, thus failing to move the ship forward.

She expanded it to eight years instead of adjusting her time from 3.5 years to six months to get home. Karen needs to be pushed down a few pegs in season two, and her husband Frank needs to continue to stand up for himself.


Ryan really points out something about Captaining Avenue 5

Captain Ryan looks like an attractive, charming, intelligent captain of a ship. But it has been discovered that he’s not even a captain at all, just a guy paid to make the experience seem true. He was at least making an attempt to learn how to operate the ship in season one, though in desperate situations.
Season two should make it much harder for Captain Ryan to learn how to do the work he pretends to have, which is captaining a ship. He doesn’t, after all, have much else to do.


Judd is becoming more relatable

While Josh Gad is a great actor who can tackle all kinds of roles, more comic ones. But his performance in this show as a spoiled, bratty, greedy billionaire isn’t his best. Judd is utterly unlikeable and exaggerated so excessively that it’s sometimes too much.

For season two, a more connected Judd needs to appear that gives his backstory more detail, like how he became so wealthy in the first place and why he is the way he is.


Back Together Doug And Mia

Unhappily married couple Doug and Mia have been at each other’s throats throughout the whole season. In the expectation of restoring their broken friendship, they appear to have agreed to go on the cruise together. But it just made them hate each other even more, instead.

They seem bound for a divorce when Doug stomps around loudly sounding off to everyone who would listen and Mia flirts her way into the arms of a young international ship employee.

Yet there’s hope in a single flickering second as Doug takes Mia’s hands and attempts to rescue them on the supply ship together. To really make it work, Season two might look at them spending their time in space.


The bigger role of Jordan

Jordan, played by Himesh Patel yesterday, is an intriguing character who doesn’t have the screen time a lot but the promise.

He was a bad comic, but his jokes are flat – it’s not amusing. he tried unsuccessfully to impress guests. He might provide the passengers with some really important comic relief, but he lacks ability.

Now he’s stranded on the Iris supply ships, is he going to play a greater role? Is it between him and Iris or perhaps, Billie, a love brewing? Regardless of the situation, in season two there will be more Jordan.


Martin does anything to help Spike Anything

Any of the passenger’s Spike Martin has to be there in the second season. He may well have more experience than anybody else on board as a former astronaut who is no stranger to discovery in space, but nobody wants to look at him. Certainly, he did not know the spacecraft’s ins and outs. But in general, he knows space.

Step two needs to slow things down and take a larger part in attempting to help with alcohol and womanizing.

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