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Netflix’s Red Dot Trailer Has A Couple Fleeing a Hunter In Snow

Red Dot

Red Dot Updates: On Netflix’s list of bangers for February, is the Swedish movie, Red Dot. The movie was written by Alain Darborg and, Per Dickson. Alain Draborg directed the movie as well.

The writer duo is exceptional storytellers who have individually enchanted audiences with their works such as, The Master Plan, Alex.

The director of the movie, Alain Darborg also won the Citizen’s Choice Award for his feature film Jönssonligan – Den Perfekta stöten in 2015 and the Bucheon Choice Award in 2015 for the same movie. 

The movie revolves around husband and wife, Nadja and David decide to go on a hiking trip in northern Sweden in an attempt to rekindle the spark in their relationship.

Nadja’s pregnant so, this is one of their last opportunities to do this before the baby comes along. They take their dog along. All is well until they see a hunter’s rifle being aimed at their trunk in the dead of night. What follows is complete chaos. A trip that was supposed to be peaceful turns into a nightmare. 

Red Dot Trailer

Red Dot

Nanna Blondell, the Swedish actress who plays Naja is known for her work in Den are circle, The Inner Circle, etc. Anastasios Soulis who plays David is known for his work in  Gåsmamman, The Machinery, Jävla klåpare, Viva Hate, Losers, The Jungle Book, etc.

Johannes Bah Kuhnke is known for Force Majeure and Love & Anarchy along with Kalled Mustonen who is known for Drifters, also stars in the movie. 

 The trailer for the movie was released on Youtube on January 14, 2021. Since its release, it has garnered 384,507 on Netflix’s official Youtube channel. The movie is going to be available for audiences to enjoy from February 11. 


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