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Final Space Season 3: Beans Spilled by Olan Rogers

Final Space Season 3

Final Space Season 3 Update: The enigmatic world of Final Space created by comedian and writer Olen Rogers has enraptured fans since 2018. The show was created by Olan Rogers for Turner Broadcasting Company. It is a comedy-drama set in space with humans and aliens. 

The storyline of the show is extremely simple. To make such a simple storyline, this interesting is truly a work of art. In the show, we see Gary Goodspeed, a high spirited astronaut is imprisoned in the prison spacecraft Galaxy One for five years. On one of his last days there, he comes across a planet-destroying alien.

He names this alien, Mooncake. Together, they aim to discover the true meaning of the “Final space.” To add to this, Mooncake is wanted by a powerful telekinetic creature, Lord Commander. 

Final Space Season 3: Update

Final Space Season 3

In a recent update on Reddit, Olan Rogers decided to address the fans and let them lose some tidbits. The creator in an attempt to get the people talking about the show while discussing the upcoming season gave out some details.

The creator talked in length about the upcoming show. He called the season there the show at its best. They seemed to have already started working on the post-production. Episode 1 was described as the perfect opener for the season. High in drama and the flawless storyline will give you that. 

In the Reddit post which was published by Olen Rogers in November, he talks about a teaser that would be released by Christmas day. The teaser came out on December 18 and boy! was it something. It is a cinematic duty. By the looks of it, something big is going to happen this season. Something which will leave the audience clutching their seat. 

Apart from this, he seems hopeful for the show’s renewal for a fourth season by the network. He has already started writing the script for the fourth season. Although nothing is concrete so far, the show’s growing fan base will want the network to renew it.

This is what he said, “I’m VERY optimistic we will get a Season 4 because this show’s base is growing steadily. After running the social media accounts with zero marketing dollars during the offseason, the social accounts have grown between 25k-35k on each platform. We actually surpassed Netflix’s Disenchantment following on Instagram and Facebook just by word of mouth and no show airing.” 

Viewers can watch season 3 on Netflix by the first quarter of this year. International viewers will have to wait at least two months before being able to watch it. No matter the future of the show, Olan Rogers is very excited about the third season. Those who like either one or both of the previous two seasons will love this one. 

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