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Arrowverse: Happy Ending and Deserved Better characters.


Arrowverse of the greatest fiction in Television. In every superhero war, the heroes not only defeat bad men but also save the world from them. They just focus on their heroes. The Arrowverse did the same. They just focused on their superheroes, on their looks, on their powers.

The individual shows are giving its heroes (and sometimes villains as well) enough space to evolve and alter. Some change for the higher, some  the more severe, but all of them undergo a fascinating journey. However, some characters haven’t gotten the happy ending they might have deserved.

Arrowverse- Characters:

1)John Constantine: John got a happy ending in Arrowverse. When his role ended in season 1, it glanced like he was done in the show but then when he joined the Legends, things started turning around him.


2) Nora West-Allen: Nora earned a better ending. Barry and Iris’ daughter Nora played a significant part in the fifth season of The Flash. In the end, Nora ended up deleted from existence when the team demolished the villain Cicada’s dagger.

3) Joe West: Joe got a happy ending. Joe played a role of a happy guy. He has an intelligent and pretty wife. He is the kind of person who searches well on bad terms too.

4) Leonard Snart: He deserved a better ending than what he actually got. He is known as the most popular character in Arrowverse. From villain to hero, Snart at first caused problems for the Flash, but he later joined the Legends and shifted sides.

5) Superman: He got a very happy and suitable ending. He didn’t appear much in the show but whenever shown does a great job. He started making a family with the girl he liked. 

6) Firestorm: It senses cheating as not one but two Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein at a time created the superhero Firestorm but they died.

7) Ray Palmer: It may not be a popular character but Ray wanted to build a heritage, leave his spot on the world, changed it for well.

8) The Lance Family: It deserved a good ending. It simply can’t grab a crack in the Arrowverse. The Lance Family later come back amongst the living, they suffered more than they deserved.

9) Thea Queen: Queen got a happy ending. Not every member of the Queen family got a fitting ending. Thea started out as a damaged child and suffered assumed deaths in her family.

10) Oliver Queen: After all the difficulties and troubles he has been through, Oliver earned a better ending than to die twice. He always tried to save the world and his family as well as his friends. He achieved a lot but he could do more if he would alive.

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