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The Flash Movie: Cyborg Has Been Removed From The Movie Confirms WB

The Flash
The Flash

The Flash Movie: The upcoming 2022 movie- The Flash is in the process of making. The character Cyborg has been removed from the upcoming film, confirmed by Warner Bros. the movie is supposed to release in 2022 with no Cyborg featuring in the film.

The actor or commonly known as Cyborg from the prequel series has confirmed that he is no longer a part of this creation. Read more to know the whole matter.

Will Cyborg Return Anyhow?

Justice League star Ray Fisher who was supposed to star as Cyborg for the upcoming film, will not appear as Cyborg anymore. Warner bros. has confirmed that they are about to remove this character for the upcoming film.

The actor will not be seen as Cyborg after the decision made by WB was made official. Though, the decision made by the official of WB was not much appreciated by the actor. But this is now the final decision.

Ray Fisher was expected to return starring as Victor stone after Snyder welcomed him to play the role in DC Extended Universe. Fisher even has a small role in Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice. He has even played the role in the justice league.

Why Cyborg has been removed?

The Flash
The Flash

The long-term role for Fisher was to be included in the upcoming film, but things have changed and fans will no more be able to witness the role of Fisher as Cyborg.

Looking deeply into the matter, it can be noted that the matter is not new. This means the character of Cyborg was still a question because the actor ray Fisher has some battles with warner bros. and DC films. Ray Fisher has even made it public about the “unprofessional behavior” by the officials after post productions.

The main focus of Fisher was to target director Joss Whedon, John Berg, and Geoff Johns. Even after all this was done, the negotiation was made to return Fisher as Cyborg in The Flash. But the plans have changed and the decision is final.

The Flash: The Reaction Of Fisher

After WB confirmed the news, the actor took it to Twitter to announce the news. He wrote a lengthy post describing the matter. He started with the confirmation that he will not be playing the role of Cyborg anymore. Moreover, the actor stated some lines showing the continued fight with WB and DC.

The actor has finally said that he is not at all happy with the decision and he “strongly disagrees”. He also said that he finds this result “unsurprising”.

The removal of Cyborg was not much surprising for the audience. Because there was a hint from the continued fight of Fisher and WB. But this is sure that the decision to remove Cyborg is being less appreciated by the fans. They found it really disappointing.